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Welcome to the MechWarrior Online Wiki. This wiki is solely dedicated to following the upcoming game MechWarrior Online. MechWarrior online is the upcoming Free-to-Play PC game. Set in the year 3049, it follows the events in the BattleTech Universe on a day to day basis. January 1, 2012 is January 1, 3049. The player takes the role of a MechWarrior and fight for a Great House, Merc Corp, or simply for themselves. In the mean time, the developers of MW:O have stated they will be keeping the community updated with weekly updates.

February is Role Warfare Month

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, I can be reached on my talk page or on the MechWarrior Online "official un-official MechWarrior Online" forum thread. If you would like to edit or create any pages, please register a username first. This will help fight spam bots, the bane of any wiki's existence! Due to the nature of MechWarrior Online being at an early stage, we have a few Stub pages that could require a watch for updates. Please take a minute to follow MWOWiki on facebook. <facelikebutton style="1" showsend="0"></facelikebutton>

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Mech Manual Crits And You - A Brief Guide
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Surprise Wednesday!
BattleMech 5 - Catapult Revealed - 28 December 2011

Hunchback Cockpit Art Revealed! - 30 November 2011

Dragon Battlemech Announced - 23 November 2011

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