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New cwm logo sm.jpg
Disposition: Clan Unit
Faction: Unaffiliated
First Officer: Khan CyberWolf
2nd Officer: saKhan Rommel
Established: 1996
Com Star
HPG Node:


Clan WidowMaker is a group of players primarily situated in the United States. Clan WidowMaker emphasizes team work and cooperation. We are looking to create a fun yet competitive, team based atmosphere. The birth of the WidowMakers online was in March of 1996, when the Grand Council an online gaming ladder for Mechwarrior 2,NetMech opened for all MechWarriors to join and fight for the Honor of their Clan. We currently have over 70 MWO founders, we are active in any MWO league that comes up like the Ride Hot or Die league. Join us we are online every day!


The Black Widow spider was accidentally released into the jungles of Eden, where they grew to three times their Terran size. Their aggressiveness and the strength of their poison increased at the same rate. The spider uses the shadows to enhance its camouflage, remaining completely motionless, often for days at a time, remaining acutely aware of its surroundings all the while. Attacking its prey with speed and stealth.

Nicholas Kerensky chose this seemingly shy spider as the namesake for one of his Clans for more than its deadly prowess. He also admired its mating habits. Mating then killing the weaker mate, then caring for its many offspring represented the clan birthing program.

The WidowMaker symbol, a red hourglass against the abdomen of a black widow spider....... To learn more about WidowMaker history see our web HQ @ WMHQ


  • Weekly Training
  • Trials of Position/Possession
  • Public Play
  • League Play
  • Stats Tracking and Awards
  • Inter-Clan & Unit Matches (Visit our forums to challenge us.)


Clan WidowMaker consist of the Keshik Command Star and 3 Mech Clusters, with the option to open a Euro Star as we have in the past. We wish to uphold and give the feel of a clan that emphasizes Battle Tech lore but also allows pilots who are just interested in gaming an enjoyable active community.
KESHIK Command and Control "The WIDOWS KEEP"
1st ASSAULT Cluster "The ACES"
55th STRIKE Cluster "The IRON WEB"
88th Guardians Cluster "The DEATH DEALERS"

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