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Disposition: House Unit
Faction: Federated Suns
First Officer: Leader wDraco
2nd Officer: FlipOver ; Lex Peregrine
Established: 3038
Com Star
HPG Node: http://wardogs13.ativoforum.com/
Forum: http://wardogs13.ativoforum.com/
Code: Portuguese
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Our History

Nome: 13th War Dogs

Home world : Poznan

Location : Island continent of Galicia

Faction : Federated Commonwealth - House Davion

3024* - Tired of the constant opression and racial discrimination by the Chinese rulers of Poznan, a planet originally settled by Spanish, Portuguese, and Polish peoples, members of the 13th War Dogs Platoon, an infantry unit attached to the planetary militia in the island continent of Galicia, go rogue and join other rebel elements in hidding, greatly adding to its effectiveness by being a unit trained in anti-mech tactics.

3025* - A MIIO team (Federated Suns covert ops) infiltrates Poznan and establishes contact with rebel cells around the world. Volunteers of the 13th War Dogs Platoon receive training in Battlemech piloting, using Mechs captured from Liao militia in a MIIO-run operation.

3026* - By 3026, the War Dogs have a full lance of Battlemechs on the field, complemented by the remaining elements of the anti-mech infantry platoon and other more basic rebel infantry units that have been receiving training in guerilla tactics since the arrival of the MIIO team.

20-08-3028 - Hanse Davion and Melissa Steiner wed on Terra, with the leader of every Successor State present, including their aides, heirs, and other VIPs. At the wedding reception, Hanse Davion uttered one of the most quoted lines in Inner Sphere history, "My dear... I give you the Capellan Confederation.".

3028 to 3029* - With continued success against Liao government forces, by 3028 the War Dogs are fielding a full company of Battlemechs, and successfully capture the regional military HQ, effectively gaining control of the Galicia continent. two months later, units of the Twelfth Vegan Rangers, a Davion mercenary unit, invade Poznan, using Galicia as a base of operations. The War Dogs are sent over-seas to join other rebel units and assist the Davion force in gaining control of the other continents. The six regiments of lightly armed Liao planetary militia are easily defeated.

3030* - The Spanish minority in the capital New Madrid put their support behind the invading force and install an interim government, Poznan is now a Federated Commonwealth world. By the end of the war, the Federated Suns conquered roughly a third of the Capellan Confederation, these conquered worlds were incorporated into the Federated Commonwealth as the Sarna March. The War Dogs are invited to officially join the AFFS military, but choose to remain independent as a mercenary unit. In return of the service to House Davion and the Federated Commonwealth, they are given control of Galicia as a base of operations. During the next 10 years, they help train the new planetary militia, taking a few contracts from House Davion on a regular basis.

3039 to 3040 - War of 39, Prince Hanse Davion attempts to duplicate the success of the 4th Succession War against Liao a decade earlier, this time against Kurita. However this action was anticipated by the Draconis Combine, and Theodore Kurita in its counter-attack successfully captured several worlds.

3041 - The Armed Forces of the Federated Commonwealth are created in the aftermath of the War of 3039 where poor coordination had resulted in an embarrassing defeat. This unification process was not yet complete when the Clan Invasion struck in 3050, and the AFFC suffered heavy losses to the Clan invaders.

3042 - With the creation of the AFFC, Ran Felsner became the first Marshal of the Armies. In addition to the traditional brigades of both realms, the Federated Commonwealth created a number of new commands to better streamline their military. Most notable among these was the Federated Commonwealth Corps, six new regimental combat teams with personnel drawn from all over the Commonwealth were created, with six others already active since the war of '39. Also expanded were the march militias, a system that had served the Federated Suns for hundreds of years. The Donegal, Periphery, Skye, Tamar and Tamarind March Militias were all formed to help protect the former Lyran Commonwealth. The Sarna March Militia was created to protect former Capellan Confederation worlds taken during the Fourth War. Dozens of long-serving Lyran units were also expanded into RCTs. To facilitate unity within the Commonwealth, many traditionally Lyran units were assigned to garrison the Federated Suns State Command while several Davion units took up postings in Lyran space.

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