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Unit:Many-Colored Winds of Fate "1st Ghost"

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Kurita logo 1.png
Disposition: House Unit
Faction: Draconis Combine
First Officer: Fate Aki (Tai-sa)
2nd Officer: vacant (Chu-sa)
Established: 2012
Com Star
HPG Node:
Code: English
Protocol: TS3
Access: PW:Yakuza

1st Ghost from their entry in Battletech 1698 - Draconis Combine

The kuromaku acts as a liaison between all gangs of the yakuza and may bargain on their behalf. The meeting in 3033 between Theodore Kurita and kuromaku Piotr Hitsu was the final step in gaining active yakuza support for the Dragon's efforts to preserve the realm against Davion incursion. To show respect for his status and to honor their agreement, Theodore allowed the kuromaku to select the warriors and begin the outfitting of what was named the First Ghost regiment. To form the First Ghost, the kuromaku drew from several different gangs, or factions, according to their status and their current relationship to the kuromaku. The regiment received veteran status at its inception and was considered completely reliable because of the strong relationship that had developed between Theodore Kurita and the kuromaku.

Hard training has forged the First into a cohesive unit, and the allegiance of its warriors belongs equally to the kuromaku and Theodore Kurita. These former yakuza owe little loyalty to their respective oyabun.

The First Ghost accents its machines in dark green striping. In keeping with the yakuza tradition of tattooing the body as a record of personal honor, each MechWarrior may decorate his BattleMech with the personal designs that describe his warrior history. All BattleMechs are painted with dark green dragon-like scales that run from the torso up over the right shoulder, around the back and then down the left leg in a continuous chain. This design symbolizes the First Ghost's devotion to the Dragon. The warrior's record of BattleMech kills appears as gold scales painted along the edge of the green.

Hello- We are 1st Ghosts are looking for more Mechwarriors to join our ranks. So far we have over 100 pilots and offer many advantages due to our size including the ability to drop 24-7 with other Ghosts, forums, and teamspeak. We are all huge battletech/ mechwarrior fans that are interested in expanding our ranks with others who have a positive attitude towards the game and have a willingness to support and grow the community in and out of game.

We Offer

Large player base with pilots on at all hours, 3-4 eight man teams during prime hours
Mature player base, with respect for the game and other players
Our own private teamspeak/ Forums
We will be active in Community warfare, E-sport Leagues and other competitive play
Opportunity for training of all skill levels and leadership positions.

We are looking for in new players

Players with a positive attitude and act like adults.
Active players who are willing to help others (including all MWO players)
Willingness to participate in training and improve teamwork skills

All players are welcome to stop by on teamspeak and join us for some matches, we can be found over the following teamspeak servers:

Server IP:

Port: 6619

Password: Yakuza