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Disposition: Mercenary Unit
Faction: Unaffiliated
First Officer: ChiXnHawk
2nd Officer: Keeg
Established: 2001
Com Star
HPG Node: http://killsecured.com

Recruitment[edit | edit source]

The process is simple: ask for an interview with ChiXnHawk on our website. We will want to know your gaming history and what you will bring to our current stable of champions. We are a "Not Safe for Work" rated much higher than "R" community on Ventrilo.

Description[edit | edit source]

Welcome to the KaoS Legion's wiki deployment area. We are a Mercenary Unit that is currently unaffiliated while we peruse our options. We are considering several options at the moment, including not affiliated. We are leaning towards FRR, since we expect there to be some hot and heavy action there once the Clans arrive, unless the pay is better somewhere else.

Unit History[edit | edit source]

KaoS Legion has had a long standing mercenary presence in MWL, TWL (which closed the ladder after a year undefeated), BZ (where we were the favorite mercenary unit), and VL (we finished 1st in our first cycle as a team).

KaoS is a team-led unit; as in everyone who participates has a say in how the team runs. Everyone is expected to contribute to our grand strategies. In match play, drop leaders will assess the battlefield, making corrections when necessary, while the team provides crucial intelligence and positive feedback. We are here to win.

KaoS was formed from multiple units and teams merging at nearly the same time; Grim Determination (GRIM) HBA, and TDF. Now, with the arrival of MWO, KaoS has bolstered its ranks with some of the most feared units to ever grace the battlefield - KAx (Knights of the Apocalypse), HB (House Badass), HFH (Hitmen For Hire), AC (Ahriman Corps), and DR (Dark Rift). We were units of friends who had played with each other almost every night until we decided that a merger was in our best interests. Fortune favoured us once more when another team split and KaoS ended up picking up some great guys from HEL (Hell's Elite Legion).

We are a close group of friends with 10+ years of Mechwarrior experience. Thankfully, at the announcement of the new Mechwarrior Online MWO:Mercs game, we have found one another again. We work hard, play hard, have a good time on Ventrilo between matches and in other games; and we're damn good. It is this combination of skill, camaraderie and enjoyment that keeps us playing. Have a thick skin, because this isn't an R-rated group - it's RRR+++ and we like it this way.

Our executive and drop leaders strategically make KaoS Legion flow like water and strike like Bruce Lee; through our skill and competitive desire, we adapt to anything we see on the battlefield, and all of this has earned us a winning, fearful reputation. Based on our reputation, KaoS has consistently picked up amazing talent. Adding the best players to our roster has greatly aided us in expounding our strategies and our ability to adapt on the battlefield. Pilot skill is the critical foundation that has made KaoS into what it is today - you are expected to hold your own. Another common element amongst our ranks is a highly competitive spirit. When it becomes match time, we compete with unparalleled vigour.

KaoS will once again be looking to bolster its talent to make it one of the most competitive units. Our horizontal command structure allows for a very flexible level of strategy, tactical thinking and execution. KaoS will be one of the top performing, top requested and top achieving mercenary units active in Mechwarrior Online. Is this who you are looking to hire? Is this who you are looking to fight with? We're an invite-only group - but if you think you can hold your own with us and got a thick-enough skin to last, contact Chix for a try-out.

Be warned, the exit is just over yonder and it is littered with the bodies and smoking ruins of hundreds of mechwarriors and mechs.

KaoS Legion


KaoS won a seed to the final round of the Run Hot or Die Beta Tournament. Two well fought but disadvantaged ( due to disconnects ) games later, we are proud to claim the title of Second Place. We would all like to congratulate Kriestov and all of those who worked hard to get us there. Thanks, all!

Unit Structure[edit | edit source]


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