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Disposition: Mercenary Unit
Faction: Unaffiliated
First Officer: ?
2nd Officer: ?
Established: 3040
Com Star
HPG Node: http://www.fightcluboutfit.co.uk
Code: English
Protocol: TS

Who We Are

Originally established in 2003 on the MMOFPS Planetside (EU Werner, holla!), Fight Club is a group of people who enjoy playing team-based games together but don't take themselves too seriously. Don't get me wrong we like to succeed, but we have no problems laughing off defeats or occasionally monkeying around if that's likely to provide us with the most fun! We generally number mature members who have both jobs and families, so we demand no special commitment or anything like that. Of course, we do try and arrange to play MWO at around the same time when we can, but we're not going to panic if people are missing.

What We Offer

We're here to enjoy playing the game and for us that means getting together on our private TeamSpeak server and getting into a group, then running around and shooting things in a sort-of co-ordinated way. We don't care about Kill/Death ratios. We don't care if you're not the best player in the game. We don't care whether you're a Founder or a Free player. We don't split people up into ranks, or roleplay, or anything like that. We don't even care if you accidentally shoot a teammate in the back whilst giggling (Fire a warning shot across her nose. Careful you idiot I said across her nose not UP IT!), as long as you don't do it too much anyway! We're not here to be the best of the best, but we like to think we do a pretty good job while keeping the fun factor, well, fun.

Oh, and we also have members playing Planetside 2, World of Tanks, EVE Online, and a few other small MMO games, who you're welcome to join if you happen to play those games too!

Who We're Looking For

YOU! Possibly, if you think you fulfill the following:

  • 18+ - We've experimented with younger members before and it just doesn't work for us.
  • Like to play the game in a team.
  • Don't mind using TeamSpeak to help co-ordinate.
  • Not offended by bad language and stupid jokes.
  • Don't take yourself too seriously.
  • Can usually manage to game in the evenings (GMT/CET) just because it's the best time to catch the rest of us on. Our "official" Lance night is a Wednesday.
  • See yourself as a casual player who likes to team up when they play.
  • Any type of mech you like to pilot is fine, we usually all run in whatever we feel like driving at the time.

Signing Up

Visit our forums at http://www.fightcluboutfit.co.uk and say hi in the "Introductions" section, stating that you'd like to join up with the nutjobs playing MWO!

Note: On our registration page, the answer to the question "What is the name of this outfit?" is "Fight Club". Someone very kindly pointed out that if you haven't played Planetside you might not know that their name for clans/guilds/etc was Outfit, and people who speak English as a second language might find it confusing. This will probably be changed at some point!


Fight Club is not responsible for any damage to keyboards or other equipment that may occur due to you spitting your drink out in laughter at our antics, nor can we be held accountable if you choke yourself unconscious or accidentally breathe your beverage instead of swallowing it. Fight Club is an equal opportunity employer, all people being equally squishy before the sight of Our Lord Atlas and just as easy to zap with a laser. Your mileage may vary. Non-mandatory trouser inspection to be conducted by KingAmbulance upon induction into the ranks. All your hobnobs are belong to BuggerLugs. We used to be serious like you, then we took a Gauss Rifle to the knee. Yea, though we walk through the shadow of the River Valley of Death, we shall fear no lagshield. Patent pending. All rights reserved, especially the right to remain silent.