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Disposition: Mercenary Unit
Faction: Unaffiliated
First Officer: Unit Commander Alaric VISIGOTH
2nd Officer: Company Commander AK Ripper
Established: 3050
Com Star
Code: English

Expendables Merc Corps is a Reddit.com-based group of players. A quite large group numerically, we use Teamspeak for voice communication. Information for those public services can be found below.

About Expendables[edit | edit source]

cReddit has an open Teamspeak server, anyone from newbies to experienced Warriors are welcome to join it for non-competitive games. For competitive play and Community Warfare we have multiple companies (Primarily N.A.). These companies require members to attend weekly practices. However, one does not have to be a Company member in order to drop with us.

cReddit's unit organization uses the Inner Sphere Company-level grouping with a high level of variability between groups. cReddit Companies contain 2-8 lances sized 4 to 10 pilots per lance.

Structure | Command[edit | edit source]

Unit Commander | Alaric VISIGOTH
Company Commanders | AK Ripper, Darve, Spunkmeyer
Lance Leaders | Cogspire, Johnny REB, Vecillas

Contact Teamspeak[edit | edit source]

Teamspeak Server || creddit-mercs.teamspeak3.com

Teamspeak Password || Not password protected