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Unit:Emerald Riders

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Riders Emblem.png
Disposition: Mercenary Unit
Faction: Federated Commonwealth
First Officer: Adam Ó Dochartaigh
2nd Officer: Nathaniel Grotjohn
Established: 2997/2011
Com Star
HPG Node:

"Ni neart go cur le cheile"-There is No Strength Without Unity.


Originally a Table Top Battletech unit I, Arden Sortek, am Interested in creating a Mercenary Corporation for the upcoming Mechwarrior Online Video game.


Arden Sortek/Adam Ó Dochartaigh-Commander


The Emerald Riders are an independent Mercenary Battalion. Formed up in 2997 by veterans of the 3rd Succession War. The Riders could only muster a reinforced Lance of 6 Battlemechs. By the outbreak of the 4th War the Riders had been able to build their strength into unit comprising of nearly 2 Companies with 9 Aerospace Fighters and Infantry. Through constant border skirmishes with the Draconis Combine, including a protracted and bloody fight on the planet Deshler in 3015, the Emerald Riders had gained a reputation for swift and decisive strikes with a specialty for combined Mech/Aerospace tactics. Though a staple of the Federated Suns, the Emerald Riders contracted themselves out to the Free Worlds League for part of the 4th Succession War to hold down revolts on several worlds and beat back pirate incursions around the Anti-Spinward edge of Marik space. Much to the units chagrin political maneuvering inside the League made them a target and the unit was savaged severely in its escape from Epsilon in Marik space. Though they were successful in capturing a Invader Class Jumpship with it's attached Overlord, the unit lost much of its support personnel to Marik execution squads. For much of the rest of the 4th War the Emerald Riders signed a contract with the Lyran Commonwealth and occupied their time with incursions into Marik Space, defending Lyran border worlds and rebuilding their unit. As of 3048 the Emerald Riders are an overstrength Battalion contracted to the Federated Commonwealth operating in Lyran-Tamar Space along the Border with the Free Rasalhague Republic.