Unit:Eagle Corps

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Disposition: House Unit
Faction: Free Worlds League
Also: SAFE
Established: 2013
Com Star
Code: English

Background[edit | edit source]

The Eagle Corps is SAFE's ultra-elite special-forces team, its skills and equipment commensurate with the Federated Sun's "Rabid Foxes" or the Draconis Combines DEST. Numbering only three companies of commandoes, the unit does not officially exist, but has become an open secret within the FWL during the last ten years after a series of successful missions. The Atreus-based unit draws its personnel from the cream of the FWLM and law enforcement agencies like CopSec (the federal police force) and makes use of the latest (in many cases, even prototype) equipment.[1] Their isolated HQ, the Eyrie on Atreus' moon, is well disguised and heavily fortified, designed to operate as a command center in the unthinkable eventuality of an invasion of the Atreus system.[2]

Roster[edit | edit source]

Command[edit | edit source]
Prospects[edit | edit source]

Communications[edit | edit source]

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Reference[edit | edit source]

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