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Disposition: Mercenary Unit
Faction: Unaffiliated
First Officer: Marshal Hikyuu Jorrgenson
Established: 2012
Com Star
HPG Node: http://doomridermercs.enjin.com


Doom Rider Mercenaries is a Mercenary Unit hailing from the Lyran Commonwealth, the Doom Riders are typically found fighting hit and run engagements or black ops sabotage and night campaigns that are often too messy for House Steiner to handle themselves due to politics or the location of strategic military assets, the Doom Riders are swift and ruthless in regards to combat strategies and over all battlefield discretion. Any world the Doom Riders are on, there will be death.

History[edit | edit source]

"Dominentur est potentia"

Not much is known about the Doom Riders rise to power or how they perceive most of the known Houses of the Inner Sphere. while working occasionally for House Steiner, the Doom Riders are also quite commonly seen working for the Houses of Davion and Kurita, and have been found in the periphery worlds doing contracts for small planets typically to defend from pirates and raiders. What is known historically about the Doom Riders is that they emerged roughly after the third succession wars,and were made up of roughly two companies of mechs. They were quite small, assumed to be a splinter of a former Steiner batallion who went renegade or possibly a collection of AWOL pilots.

Composition[edit | edit source]

Doom riders control a regiment with three batallions, two of which are unknown in make and composition:

1st Batallion "Angels of Death" with 3 companies

1st Company "Hell Riders" with 3 Lances

2nd Company "Hammers" with 3 Lances

3rd Company "Black Legion" with 3 lances

Notable Lances[edit | edit source]

known Lances of the Doom Riders are;

1st Company, 1st Lance 'Wraiths' - scout lance, commonly seen patrolling or performing covert recon ops on target worlds. Lance Leader callsign is 'Greyhawk'

2nd Company, 1st Lance 'Hydra Lance' - fire team lance, composed of long range artillery and direct fire assets. lance leader callsign is 'SirBake'

3rd company, 1st lance 'Thebaid lance' - Combat lance comprising of mixed mech types used for commando raids and small engagements. lance leader callsign is 'Insane Lobottomie'

Military Structure[edit | edit source]

Marshal - The Leader of the Doom Riders, as of 3049 the current leader is Marshal Hikyuu Jorrgenson

Field Marshal - XO to the Marshal, unkown

General - commands a Regiment, unknown

Brigadier General - XO, unknown

Colonel - Commands a Batallion, Colonel Zeno Scarborough of 1st Battalion the Angels of Death

Lieutenant Colonel - XO, Lieutenant Colonel Fatetaker Voidwalker of 1st Battalion the Angels of Death

Lance Captain, commands a Company, Captain Greyhawk of the Hell Riders; Captain Cresky of the Hammers; Captain 666jet of the Black Legion

Lance Leader, commands a single lance. Navare; Snapdawg; Cole; SirBake; Jackhigh; DontGetCrabs; Insane Lobottomie; DeformedSlowest; Riordan Lionheart

Iconography and Markings[edit | edit source]

Typically the Doom Riders use a combination of black, gray, and red, however they have also have been known to use camoflauge patterns stripped with red and black tiger stripe markings. The use of Skulls in their lance insignias and company banners is quite common, as is the imagery of the reaper or ghosts, wraiths, and the four horsemen or other riders. The Atlas is often seen in their company due to the huge icon of a skull as the base of it's cockpit.

Slogans[edit | edit source]

Often seen slogans of the Doom Riders are 'We Ride On!', 'The Symphony of Slaughter' and 'Burn The Galaxy!'. Also Doom Riders are known to tag these on their mechs or amongst locations they have been engaged in, or even sent in messages during hacking and sabotage attempts made against military units on other planets.

Meta[edit | edit source]

Doom Riders is a fun, friendly, competitive merc corp unit in MWO, growing and building to be one of the most active and agressive units in the game, we accept all members of any location and time zone, and work to provide an atmosphere that allows the competitive gamer and the casual gamer to have fun and thrive.

If interested to join the Doom Riders only require a few simple qualifications:

1.Active membership in the Mechwarrior Online (Beta Access)

2.minimum availability to play online with corp mates and help with training new players

3.beginner to expert skill approved, you may be a casual or competitive gamer

4.great positive attitude and a love of the game is almost absolutely required.