Unit:Cored Battalion

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Disposition: Mercenary Unit
Faction: Federated Suns
First Officer: 3ffigy
Established: 3024
Com Star
HPG Node: http://www.teamcored.com/home

Inception[edit | edit source]

The Coreward Operational Region Expeditionary Division, or "C.O.R.E.D" for short, had it's beginings before the fourth succession war. Small Company sized divisions gathered from the 15th Deneb Light Cavalry, the 2nd Ceti Hussars RCT, and the 3rd Davion Guards RCT, were charged with subterfuge and instigation of open rebellion among Capellan worlds bordering the Federated Suns, in advance of Operation Rat.

Disbandment[edit | edit source]

The unit was called up again in 3034 to assist with the Federation of Skye unrest, and was caught up in the First Skye Rebellion. Unit commanders of the division found themselves stripped of their rank, or downright courtmarshalled for their "handling" of the Skye Crisis.

Reformation[edit | edit source]

In 3039, surviving members of the division, including support personnel, CEO's, and equipment, formed the Cored Battalion mercenary unit. A standing contract between the Federated Suns and the unit has them placed within the Kathil Operations Area of the Capellan March.

Battalion Coat of Arms[edit | edit source]

The Battalion's "Coat of Arms" consists of images representing the three Companys within C.O.R.E.D. Two Chargers rearing up, facing the Federated Suns Starburst on shield, Overlayed with a hand of cards and two eagles facing each other, grasping the Federated Suns Sword.

Unit Structure[edit | edit source]

The unit is comprised of 3 Active battlemech Companys, 1 Training Company, and a reinforced Support Lance made up of members of the New Zion Defense League.

Alpha Company The White Knights
Lance 1 The Vanguard
Lance 2 The Crusaders
Lance 3 The Cavaliers
Bravo Company The Wild Cards
Lance 1 The BlackJacks
Lance 2 Suicide Kings
Lance 3 Aces & Eights
Charlie Company Screaming Eagles
Lance 1
Lance 2
Lance 3
Delta Company TBD
Lance 1
Lance 2
Lance 3
Reinforced Support Lance New Zion Defense League (N.Z.D.L.)
6 Battlemechs