Unit:Clan Wolf - Led by Roy

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Disposition: Clan Unit
Faction: Clan Wolf
First Officer: Roy
2nd Officer: Archer
Established: 2001
Com Star
HPG Node: http://clanwolfusa.enjin.com/?welcome

We are a user created division of Clan Wolf, active within the new MechWarrior Online. Our site homepage can be found at: http://clanwolfusa.enjin.com/

We are currently accepting new blood. All you have to do is fill out a quick questionnaire on our website. The recruitment application can be found here: http://clanwolfusa.enjin.com/recruitment

We ask that any applying are serious about their membership, have a general sense of how to use a keyboard, and are fluent in English.

All accepted from our current application will be assigned to our Pre-Invasion Mercenary Company 'the Luna Wolves'. Post-Invasion, all will be reassigned back to our Clan Wolf's Trinary.

We do not recognize any self-imposed authoritative figures of Clan Wolf. This means another groups' Galaxy Commander will not be ordering our members on the battlefield, unless we specifically allow it for a group-effort.

We are the long standing Clan Wolf of the MechWarrior 4 Vengeance community. If you enjoy BattleTech and role playing in the MechWarrior universe, our clan is for you. Everyone is accepted, no matter the skill level. All members will start out at the rank of Sibko. If you remain active in the clan, you will soon be promoted to Warrior and assigned to a Star of one of our Trinaries. This helps us weed out the flakes from the loyal, dedicated members. From there, your skill and leadership abilities will help determine if you rank up to the position of 'Star Commander'.

Those not holding commanding ranks will still be able to contribute suggestions for our field strategy. You also have the option of playing regular PvP, with your Clansmen as teammates, but in a much more lax environment. Feel free to set up your own matches with whomever you choose.