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Clan Star Adder.jpg
Disposition: Clan Unit
Faction: Crusader Clan
First Officer: Khan Fehyd
Established: 2807
Com Star
HPG Node: http://hpg.clanstaradder.com

Go, Star Adder;
You are the stalker,
the hunter, the killer.
Your prey stands before you,
Show them the way
of the True Warrior
--The Rememberence Clan Star Adder,
Passage 5, Verse 17, Lines 20 - 24

Clan History
For the Battletech cannon history, please visit the CSA page on the Battletech Wiki

CSA has a long and distinguished history as one of the best online units in Mechwarrior gaming. It is well known that many units claim to be the best but we back up our claims with our actions, and our long and distinguished battle history says it all.

The birth of this unit started as a handful of people left WC prior to the start of Net Battle Tech 3068 several years ago. These skilled warriors knew they could make a better unit that would promote skill, honor, and determination above all else... they were right. These four infamous Mechwarriors, Azrael, Nomad, Dino, and Lil’ Elemental left Clan Wolf, and became the one and only Clan Star Adder. Using their piloting skills as well as their judgement the founders of CSA immediately started recruiting only what they considered "CSA material" as cadets from Mercnet. By using what is known as the toughest Trial of Entrance of any unit in the game, CSA’s founders made sure that only the BEST pilots would get the chance to don a Clan Star Adder uniform... Within less than one week of Clan Star Adder being founded three new pilots had been added to the CSA roster. These three pilots, Sharniken, Wabagesic, and Juggernaut brought the CSA roster to seven members, and rounded out what is considered to be the seven man foundation of this unit.

As CSA in NBT (prior to July 1997) the unit was a small incoming Crusader Clan with only ten planets. Yet with only limited resources CSA single handedly managed to hold off much larger units such as Jade Falcon and LCAF. Assaults on CSA planets were brutally fruitless. CSA fought battles for 6 hours, 3 nights a week when needed. A large part of CSA’s current members hail from these early days of online Mechwarrior combat.

Seeing an opportunity for more resources and combat, CSA transferred to Clan Jade Falcon in NBT 3068. JF battles such as Colmar where 20 garrisoned JF Hellbringers withstood an onslaught of 100 heavy IS mechs sent by the Crescent Hawk Mercenaries, only cemented this units use of tactics, prowess, honor, skill, and tenacity. As a matter of record LCAF quit NBT 3068 due to a JF assault force surprise attack on LCAF's main assault force still in LCAF space. This LCAF assault force was getting ready to make a jump into JF space to try and put JF into a defensive position. Destruction of this force brought an end to any LCAF offensive operations, and left LCAF with a very slim number of attack mechs as well as crippling their defenses. The combined efforts of the most active Clans in the Northern Regions Alliance, Clan Ghost Bear (Khan Audeo) target DCM, Clan Hells Horses (Khan Dark) target LCAF, and Clan Jade Falcon (Khan Fehyd) target LCAF, brought about the restart of NBT 3068 by shutting down both LCAF and DCM with continuous coordinated assaults and raids on their respective territories.

Also during this time JF/CSA was able to participate in the Mercnet King Of The Hill C1 tournament, a tournament that was open to all MW2: Mercenaries units from all leagues. CSA had 5 pilots ranked in the top ten out of all of the pilots participating, and when the smoke had cleared CSA saw one of our own Star Commander Crusher standing victorious amongst the rubble of his fallen foes.

At the restart of NBT 3068 CSA was transferred yet again, this time to Wolf Clan. As WC this unit really pulled out the stops... WC during this time period is credited with almost 2000 destroyed enemy mechs and a plethora of enemy planets taken. It was during this time that battle results saw WC with kill ratios at 25 to 1! At any given time WC was engaged with or moving to engage no less than three full IS assault forces. The bloody battles for Leskovic and later Devin against the best of the Inner Sphere, House Marik, proved that WC/CSA indeed was not going down. WC also had the reputation for being the most active unit in NBT at this time, with one three week period having a battle every other night... Averaging 14-16 pilots at every battle when they were this frequent proved that our warriors have the skill, determination, and tenacity to assure victory in any combat situation.

At the end of NBT 3068 CSA made a jump to MW2: Mercenaries 1.1, and the Mercnet All Unit League. Now happy to once again don the uniforms of our heritage, Clan Star Adder was at it again. The tradition continued as CSA claimed the honor of IlClan in three consecutive MAUL cycles, making CSA the only unit in MAUL’s existence to ever win an entire MAUL cycle.

With the arrival of MW3 Clan Star Adder saw some roster changes due to the loss of some pilots, and the addition of new ones... Just for the record, it is no secret that veterans of MW2 were not even slightly impressed with MW3, and that most, if not all were extremely disappointed in it after waiting so long for its’ arrival. Many of the MW2 veterans that did stay active for MW3 did it out of a sense of loyalty to this unit, it was definitely not due to a love for the new game called MW3... During this time "the strange days period of MW3" CSA joined the Mechwarrior 3 Clan League, and claimed the honor of ilClan in 2 consecutive cycles, making CSA the only unit in M3CL’s existence to ever win an entire cycle.

As it has always been, our desire and destiny is to continue to recruit and train the finest warriors to play this game, in any versions, and any league… Do you have what it takes to be a Clan Star Adder Mechwarrior? Today our pilots are shining brighter than ever! Seyla...

Clan Star Adder Touman

Adder Command Keshik
"The Light Of Command"

Alpha Galaxy
"Old Blood and Guts"

Sibko Training Command
"Future warriors"

Solahma Warriors
"Old Warriors and Honored Friends"