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Unit:Clan Nova Cat - Alpha Galaxy

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Triple Cluster.png
Disposition: Clan Unit
Faction: Clan Nova Cat
First Officer: Oathmaster FlareHeart
2nd Officer: Star Colonel Pariah Devalis
Established: 2830
Com Star
HPG Node:
Code: English

Clan Nova Cat's Alpha Galaxy currently consists of three clusters - the 58th Strike Cluster, the 3rd Nova Cat Guard and the 37th Assault Cluster. The first two are generally active in NA primetime, the last in EU primetime.

It is the main mission of the Alpha Galaxy of Clan Nova Cat to continue the application and provision of a relaxed, laid back atmosphere. Many of our members are here to have fun and leave the stress of the day behind them. We play games to have fun, plain and simple.

Alpha Galaxy is a big place, and we have many different people with many different goals for themselves. In MWO Alpha Galaxy will also answer the call of community, and competition play for our more serious members who crave glory and conquest, by setting up competitive 12-man teams and practices.

For our many new members to this game, and this world, we shall provide a training environment, so new people can hone their personal skills and develop as Mechwarriors of Clan Nova Cat.

Most importantly, all members of Clan Nova Cat are to be positive role models in this community, and the MWO community as a whole. We do not belittle ourselves with smack-talk or degradation of others in public chat, in-game or on forums. Even when provoked, we must remain above them and let our prowess do the talking for us.