Unit:Chirikof Grenadiers

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Chirikof Flag with center star - small.jpg
Disposition: House Unit
Faction: Federated Suns
Established: 2012
Com Star
HPG Node: http://chirikofgrenadiers.enjin.com/

The Grenadiers are a new upstart mercenary unit affiliated with the Federated Suns, and its ruling House Davion. We were primarily a US based unit, but welcomed others from across the globe. We were especially interested in a few more dedicated members from Europe.

We aimed for a professional, but laid back atmosphere where tactics and teamwork took precedence over rigid hierarchies and "colorful personalities". We had a place for everyone, from the grizzled BT/MW veteran to the new and uninitiated future mechwarriors. A place for those who want to plan maneuvers, ambushes and orders of battle, and those who just want a few friends to fight at their sides. We offered extensive training, and familiarization via MW4:MercsFree for new Mechwarriors, and will have extensive training once MWO goes live.

Many of us in the Grenadiers are current or former military, and we know the importance of team work and orders, but we also realize that MWO is not the military, and that our primary objective here is to have fun. If you value a close knit and team work oriented unit, the Chirikof Grenadiers are for you!

Know your Mech, know your job, know your team, have fun and kickass!

Unfortunately this startup did not fruit.

First we lost our commander Col DunnArdel under Angels of Death Mercs and I believe it was because the cost of MWO was too much. And nobody else wanted to take over command of this new Merc group. Oh well !!!!!