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Unit:Children of the Shadowmoon

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Disposition: House Unit
Faction: Federated Suns
First Officer: Prefect Kinara Shadowmoon
2nd Officer: ?
Established: 3050
Com Star
Code: English

Kinara Shadowmoon, a young noble woman of House Davion has always enjoyed the engineering that went into developing 'Mechs. As such, she has worked diligently on developing cutting edge weapons and internal components for her family. Her first successful attempt was a reduction in heat generation for a laser system. Another success was stronger, yet lighter armor. These achievements earned her a large plot of land, an entire city and 'Mech factory.

Renovating the factory to be a lab for her experimentation and development, she has begun to seek those Mechwarriors loyal to House Davion to come and test her designs under battlefield conditions. All ready, a handful of pilots have taken up the offer she made to replace lost 'Mechs or give new ones after five years of faithful service to Davion as well as testing new systems. The 'Mechs are known as the Children of the Shadowmoon. This name has slowly been transferred to the pilots themselves, and the unit of test pilots as a whole.