Unit:Brotherhood of Randis

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Disposition: Clan Unit
First Officer: Galahad Frews
Established: 2988
Com Star


The Brotherhood of Randis is a small Mercenary Corps operating out of the Periphery planet Randis IV (formerly Hope IV), located beyond the Federated Suns, between the Taurian Concordat and the Tortuga Pirate Dominion.

BattleTech History[1]

Prior to 2988 the small world of Hope IV was lacking any form of modern economy, held only a few thousand inhabitants who were mostly unskilled laborers, and was constantly harassed by passing pirates and disenfranchised Mercenaries. Erdelmaine Randis, a Free Worlds League Mech pilot who left the military to find a new purpose in life, found this downtrodden world to be his new calling. He founded a small yet highly devout Mercenary Corp called The Brotherhood of Randis, himself becoming Grand Knight of the Brotherhood. He set forth defending the planet (now renamed Randis IV) from pirate attacks and establishing a strict military training regime that emphasized violent initiation rituals and focusing on Mech combat over all else, however zealously, even to the point of consuming most of the population's resources and stalling infrastructural development or any real improvements in the quality of life on the planet. Membership in the Brotherhood was very exclusive, yet their combat victories were few, and their working arsenal of Mechs was very sparse.

In 3037 Galahad Frews, a former Federated Suns pilot, arrived and became the new Grand Knight of the Brotherhood, over time improving their functioning status significantly. Planetary industry and infrastructure developed while more proper training rituals and operating principles were enacted. A greater focus was placed on improving the quality of the planet, as a whole, and focusing on a mercy/missionary style of operation. Most of their contracts are for small engagements and often revolve around suppressing pirate activity. Mech pilots in the Brotherhood always strive to minimize civilian casualties and are respectful to their defeated foes. As membership under Brother Frews has grown, the quality of pilots and hardware has increased as well. Mercenaries who are looking for a way to make-up for prior actions or who simply seek a more "ethical" line of combat will often seek to work with The Brotherhood.

MechWarrior Online History

May20, 3049