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Unit:Blazing Aces

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Disposition: Mercenary Unit
Faction: None
First Officer: Ace Fred Sampson
2nd Officer: Kings Xander Grey, Sir Trent Howell
Established: 2000
Com Star
HPG Node:


We are a group of veteran competitive pilots who play to win. Despite our competitive mindset we are not jerks. We do not tolerate disrespect shown to our own pilots or to our opponents. We desire expertise in our pilot's preferred role and suit. Pilots should aspire to be the best in their roles and take pride in what they do.

The Blazing Aces has both a North American division and European Union division and is open to pilots from any nation and time zone.

Who we are

We are a group of veteran pilots who have played together for over 12 years.

As mentioned in the Unit History, the Aces were formed from a series of long time MechWarrior veterans, with experience in all of it's incarnations ranging from MechWarrior 1 to classic BattleTech and the early CRPGs. We have a lot of experience commanding drops, with a focus on good terrain management and ensuring our units can focus fire enemies optimally at all times. We're large on maintaining com discipline during fights and take a very organized approach to the game.

We lean towards a serious, no-quarter-given style and our pilots are expected to do what it takes to win - we are a pro-legging, boating, jump sniping unit that has no qualms with shooting our enemies in the back if we can. We have no problems with using the best equipment available, boating or any configuration that's combat effective. That said we always honorably stick by our contracts and alliances.


We organize ourselves in the method of a deck of playing cards. Our subunits are the suits and our ranking structure is the numbers. When pilots enter the unit they are assigned to a suit based on their preferred gameplay.

The Suits

Spades - They are the Hussars, a mix of scouts and raiders who emphasize speed and maneuverability. They are also crack shots at range and specialize in causing chaos in enemy ranks.

CO: KJ Crow XO: Sir Trent Howell

Clubs - They are the heavy cavalry, Cuirassiers and Cataphracts that provide heavy armor and firepower often piloting Heavy and Assault 'Mechs.

CO: Jace Nevada XO: Draymen

Hearts - The Hearts are our mobile attack units, specializing in quick 'Mechs capable of outmaneuvering and destroying enemy forces.

CO: Fred Sampson XO: Xander Grey

Diamonds - The Diamonds are the fire support units. They specialize in LRMs and Gauss Rifles and pour fire into the battle from a distance.

CO: Victor Morson XO: Stun

The Ranks

Aces - The administrative leadership of the unit. They manage general policy and foreign policy.

Kings - Field Officers. They manage the pilots, drop command and recruit and train pilots for their suits.

Jacks - Line Officers. The Jacks drop command and often do recruiting and training.

7-10s- Non-commissioned Officers. They also make up the competitive playerbase of the unit.

4-6s- General members of the unit and in training to join the competitive ranks.

3s - The smallest rank where a pilot is considered off-probation and a permanent long term member of the team.

2s - New members on probationary period. They are evaluated and trained heavily.


Currently the Blazing Aces has no specific faction loyalty.