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Unit:Australasian Royal Mechanised Division

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ARMD Sheild 06 Silver & Gold - Gloss.png
Disposition: Mercenary Unit
Faction: Star League
First Officer: Colonel Nav
2nd Officer: Lieutenant Colonel Athelstane
Established: 2011
Com Star
HPG Node:


The ARMD legend begins with the ANZAC's in 1915 when Great Britain and It's Commonwealth declared war on Germany in what was to become the First World War. The newly Federated country of Australia and her close neighbour New Zealand mobilse and and send tens of thousand of their young men along with elements of British forces to a little known place on the Galipoloi peninsula on the Bosphorus Straight in Southern Turkey, to open a second front against the German Alliance. For 12 months countries on all sides would lose men in droves for little or no gain. But The ANZAC legends of "Mateship, Perseverance, Stoicism, Heroism" were forged. Underarmed, Under trained and with woeful leadership the common soldier prevailed where others had failed miserably. Eventually sanity prevailed and the ANZACS were withdrawn but their legend continued to rise at places like the Somme and Fromelle in France. Always fighting above their class the ANZACs continued to prevail despite horrific losses. At the end of WW1 the ANZAC's disbanded and went home but their legend thrived. Their birth place is now known as ANZAC cove.

1939 WW2 Britain again declares war on Germany and it's ally Italy and again Aust. & NZ send it's young men to Britains aid. Although they woulds not fight along side as they did in WW1 the ANZAC forces would fight the length and breadth of northern Africa as well as Greece and again in Turkey and Palestine. Until 1942 the ANZACs fought first the Italians with great success and then with resounding losses the Germans as Rommel's Afrika Korp dominated Northern Africa. At The siege of Tobruk The Australians along with elements of the British (The so called Rats of Tobruk) held up Rommel's Forces for months until Montgomery with elements of British and NZ forces were finally able to relieve them and the long march to free Northern Africa began, This would be the last time Australian and New Zealand forces would fight along side each other for almost a century as with Japans entry into the war at then end of 1942 the Aussies were recalled to defend their homeland against the Japanese threat. They would later go on to fight in PNG, Guadalcanal, Timor and other islands in the south Pacific along with American Forces. The Kiwis fate was locked to that of Britain and they would continue the fight in Greece and elsewhere around the Mediterranean.

2014 At the end of the second Soviet civil war The Western Alliance is formed as the natural opponent to the ACPS and Aust. and NZ take their places at the table all Anzac forces become part of the WAAF (western alliance armed forces)

2023 ACPS allowed to join western alliance through Osaka Agreement.

2031 Aus - NZ interconnector built. Powered by cheap NZ thermal energy Australian Mining and Industry becomes a dominant player in world commodities for next century

2044 Scared by the dominance of the Aus-NZ economic model an alliance of Muslim nations, including Indonesia attack Aus. northern western coast with 16 regiments of combined arms forces. The WAAFs 4 ANZAC regiments hold out for 3 weeks until other WAAF forces arrive and the war is ended. War reparations effectively remove the attacking countries from future world events for decades.

2086 The Western alliance dominates 80% of Terra population and forms the Terran Alliance.

2088 All armed force of the former nations of the Oceania region of the south pacific are reformed into Terran Alliance units. Elements of the ANZAC's, Japan, Phillipines, Taiwan, and others are combined into the Australasian Mechanised Division as part of the Terran Alliance Armed Forces 3rd Army.

2100-2165 Scientific advancement continues apace and with the discovery of the Kearny-Fushida jump drive other worlds are colonised.

During this period of relative peace the TAAF is re-organised into more of a peace keeping and mobile force. The 3rd Army is dissolved and the AMD is expanded to include space, naval and air as well as land assets.

Whilst the AMD is made up of various member states at it's core it is still dominated by the wealthy countries of Australia and New Zealand. These countries colonial heritage and belief in a fair deal for all and fighting for what is right forms an Esprit De Corp that all nations aspire to and makes the AMD the unit of choice for many new recruits.

The Divisions ethos of "Mateship, Honesty, Integrity, Courage, Honour, and Valour" tie the common soldier to the deeds of those of the past great wars.

2166-2235 As part of TAAF the AMD are deployed as peacekeepers and their warships are used for escort duty for new colonies. During this period of the first exodus of Terra AMD forces escort no less than 50 colonial expeditions. Although escorts are mandatory AMD forces are the only units assigned by request. A testament to their fairness and their roots of mate ship rather than domination.

2235 By the end of 2235 the Terran Alliance has more than 600 member planets within 120 light years of Terra, but there are many more unchartered unaligned planets.

2236 the waning years AMD forces are not used during the outer reaches rebellion due a conflict in philosophy on the methods of control on outer worlds. The AMD had many friends out there.

2242 Terran Alliance withdraws all troops from outer territories. Second Terran exodus begins as poorer nations export the repressed in the hope of a better life.

2315 Admiral James McKenna forms the Terran Hegemony. As a Canadian with similar histories to Australian and NZ the AMD troops side with him. Eventually all AMD forces would come in to the employ of the Cameron Family as they were the successors to McKenna and hence adopted the Cameron star as part of the unit logo.

2315 -2439 we could be include in a bunch of battles here but need more timeline research, suggest we include a few that tie us to the Cameron's.

2439 Battlemech invented. As a premiere unit in the TH forces the AMD are one of the first units to be equipped with the new technology.

2453 Always innovators the AMD make the first combat drop.

2455-2500 This is quiet time for the AMD troops. Constant border raids and successions from the five houses keeps all HAF units on their toes, but no significant battles take place within TH borders.

2501-2542 Deborah Cameron's reign saw implementation of a peacemaker philosophy for the TH and whilst this was largely successful all HAF forces became run down with poor moral, and little training or real world experience. AMD commanders remain loyal to their roots but many commanders within HAF become disgruntled with their lack of status.

2542-2549 Joseph Cameron leads the TH and continues his mother’s policy of diplomats over soldiers. Strains in the military lead to his eventual assassination at the hands of the military. AMD forces are off Terra and take no part in this affair.

2549 Ian Cameron assumes the mantle of TH leader which institutes a full blown military coup which Ian has ruthlessly put down (See The September revolt). As a result all HAF forces must make an oath to the TH and the Cameron Family. AMD returns home from extended duty. All 3345 individual members make their oath to the Cameron's. As a reward Ian Cameron make the AMD a "Royal Regiment" (all members of the regiment originate from within the borders of the TH) of the Cameron Family. The unit being a division and wanting to honour it's roots is renamed to the Australasian Royal Mechanised Division (ARMD). ARMD retains all assets including Naval and infantry but primarily becomes a heavy armour Division including 3 regiments of Battlemechs and supporting units.

2549-2555 Over the next few years Ian Cameron would lay the plans for the Star League, and the foundations for an interplanetary communications network. A lack of resources begets the need for a strong military. Funding for all HAF forces is greatly increased. ARMD are reequipped with all the latest gear and train hard to make use of it.

2571 After decade of negotiation with the great Houses, Ian Cameron forms the Star League and becomes First Lord. ARMD units lead the inauguration parade on Terra as honour guard. Ian Camerons Wife (Shandra Noruff-Cameron) is appointed head of SLDF forces. ARMD units become part of the SLDF. All royal units within the SLDF report directly to Shandra Noruff-Cameron.

2572 ARMD units take part in the United Triumph Military Exercises where 13 SLDF regiments face off against 10 similarly equipped House units. It's is a resounding disaster with the more experienced house units trouncing all SLDF units involved. The ARMD leadership is not happy.

2575 The Runification War On Jan 25 2575 Ian Cameron Issues the "Pollux Proclamation". This de-facto declaration of war gives the newly formed Star League the right to control all know human space. Most Periphery states go on immediate alert. There were many campaigns during this war. ARMD units were sent to the Taurian Concordat along with SLDF Corps I, III, IV and VI. along with AFFS help

2598 After 20 years of almost constant combat the shattered ARMD return home to rebuild their ranks. With total losses in thousands. The ARMD command was never particularly happy with the war of conquest, as descendants of colonials themselves their natural tendency was to fight against oppression but they did their duty in the hope it was for a good cause. 2600-2700 the good years A period of relative peace exists in the Inner Sphere. ARMD units are rotated through various garrisons. By 2700 the ARMD could muster 3 RCT plus the support to maintain it. On Many worlds retired soldiers / Mechwarriors have established roots. The ARMD members are welcome almost everywhere they go.

2700 Alexander Kerensky Born. ARMD sent to New Home for the first time. 2736 ARMD enters what was to become the last Martial Olympiad for 300 years. They finish 47th. 2738 Jerome Blake Born on Terra. ARMD units return from New Home after extended garrison duty.

2739 Alexander Kerensky named commander in chief SLDF forces. ARMD units undergo extended refit period.

2760 Border War begins. ARMD sent as part of SLDF force

2762 Border War Ends. ARMD return home for R&R. Richard Cameron Comes of age and assumes role of First Lord. Alexander Kerensky no longer regent of IS. Stefan Amaris become close confident of Richard Cameron

2764 Richard Cameron signs secret treaty with Rim World Republic. ARMD sent to New Home for garrison duty for last time.

2765 Stefan Amaris kills all known members of the Cameron line

2766 Stefan Amaris declares himself First Lord, Sparks Amaris civil war in Rim Worlds Republic

2767 Rim worlds invaded. ARMD 1st RCT destroyed by nuclear blast during fighting.

2769 Rim World republic Destroyed. 2nd & 3rd RCT remain on New Home. ARMD high command vows to only ever fight by rules of Ares Convention. This leads to conflict with General Kerensky who believes Total war is the only solution.

2772 March to Terra Campaign Begins.

2777 Kerensky orders 3rd ARMD RCT to Terra to take part in Operation Liberation. 3rd RCT destroyed to last man trying to retake Wellington from Amaris Forces.

2779 Jerome Blake returns to Terra, Stefan Amaris Captured and deposed, Terra liberated

2780 Kerensky stripped of title of Protector, Jerome Blake Appointed Minister of Communications. ARMD forces remain on New Home

2784 80% of SLDF leave Inner Sphere. ARMD forces abandoned on New home due to rift with Kerensky.

2786 ARMD 2nd RCT decimated by Minoru Kurita's forces defending New Home when he declares himself First Lord and Sparks First Succession War. ARMD win battle of New Home but become combat ineffective.

2788 Comstar takes Terra and declares Neutrality. Remaining ARMD forces unable to return to ancestral home due to Comstar Interdiction

2790 Remaining ARMD units, many with local roots and family decide to make New Home their permanent residence. ARMD forces assume a permanent garrison role with local government.

2800 ARMD garrison role continues on New Home but Planet cannot support a regiment sized unit, all elements other than Battlemechs are sold off and soldiers pensioned off. The 3 remaining Battlemech Companies form The ARMD Mercenary Corp and start Hiring out to other houses and Planets to increase revenue. Many Pensioned Mechwarriors retain the personal mechs and retire to the planetary militia.

2814 1st, 2nd companies ARMD take part in Taurian Canopian war on the side of the Taurians

2830-2864 ARMD losses mount, 2nd company destroyed on Alula Australis defending the HPG Station from Kuritans.

2930 Comstar hires mercenaries including both remaining Company's of ARMD. Comstar threatens Luthien with Mercs. Nothing Happens.

2932 Comstar contract lapses, ARMD members last hope of returning home to Terra ends.

2986 Third Succession war starts.

2991 Draconis combine attacks New Home but with both company's on planet at the time the invasion is repulsed.

2998 ARMD raid Fomalhaut in DC for supplies. Raid successful

3012 Capellans raid New Home but repelled by ARMD 3rd Co.

3020 Capellans again raid New Home, repelled but inflict great losses on ARMD forces

3025 In a final Raid that caught both ARMD companies at home. ARMD units fight to the death defending their homes. After 3 months of hard fought battle The Capellans allowed the remaining ARMD forces to disband and retire to their homes. Third succession war ends.

3030 New Home becomes part of the Tikonov Free Republic.

3040 New Home becomes part of the Federated Commonwealth.

Mid 3049 Six boyhood friends return to New Home from service with various units within the Federated Commonwealth. Now qualified Mechwarriors their families give each of them a Mech and this units history is about to have a fresh start.

December 3049 On Outreach The ARMD Mercenary Corporation recruitment office opens for business, with the sign out the front stating: "ARMD: The legend begins now ..... choose to be part of it ....."

Mech Net Rating Report-

Name- Australasian Royal Mechanised Division.

Leader- Colonel Slide

Strength- Unknown, estimated at 10-20 lances of Light to Assault Battlemechs with drop-ships.

Formation Date- Original Formation 2088, Current Unit Formed 3049.

Availability- The ARMD has advertised for work ranging from heavy assaults to security duty, HOWEVER, the "Division" has made it known that it will not endanger the lives of innocents.

Formal Enemies, Feuds- The "Division" has none currently, being recently formed.

Reputation- The Reputation of the ARMD stems from the previous formation. People throughout the Sphere and Periphery know that the ARMD was one of the premier units in the Terran/Star League forces, and regard this new formation as a continuation of that legend.

House Associations- Whilst the ARMD has historical, if vague, ties with House Davion, the ARMD is currently unaffiliated.

Overall Rating- B-, This Unit has yet to prove itself on the modern battlefield, though rumour has it they are readying to prove themselves once more.