Unit:Arkab Legions

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Disposition: House Unit
Faction: Draconis Combine
First Officer: Tai-sho Shahadet
2nd Officer: Sho-sho Taynak
Established: 2512
Com Star
HPG Node: [www.arkablegions.com www.arkablegions.com]
Code: English
Protocol: (Teamspeak) ts3.arkablegions.com
Destination: arkab.legions@gmail.com

The Arkab Legions come from the worlds of the Azami, peoples descended from black North African tribes such as the Touaregs, Hausa and Fulani. Worshippers of an offshoot branch of Islam, they settled worlds with hot suns and desert sands, which reminded them of their Terran home. Their preference for these harsh worlds kept them separate from most other populations

When House Kurita attempted to assert its control over the Azami worlds in 2497, they were shocked to discover a people who fought with the passion and abandon that only fanatical belief can supply. House Kurita was deeply impressed, even while they were attempting to exterminate this determined people. When a virus carried by the Azami, but to which they were immune, began killing Kurita soldiers, the government of the Draconis Combine decided to negotiate a peaceful agreement with the Azami.

The Azami were granted limited autonomy, on the provision that they swear loyalty to the Draconis Combine and the Kurita family.

To capitalize on the fighting spirit of the Azami, the Kurita family arranged to train them as MechWarriors. The Azami were natural MechWarriors, and soon the Kurita family decided to outfit them into three regiments of light and medium ‘Mechs. These units are trained in a lightning-quick style of fighting that is uniquely Azami.

These regiments came to be known as the Arkab Legions (“Arkab” being an Oriental corruption of Arab). While they are usually stationed on their homeworlds in the Benjamin and Dieron Military Districts, the units are expected to go wherever needed.

They are specialists in ‘Mech reconnaissance and raiding tactics.

The Procurement Department supplies the Arkab Legions with some slight hesitation, for not everyone is convinced that precious supplies should be wasted on those not intimately bound by loyalty to the Draconis Combine. However, the Arkab Legion’s many raids against the Lyran Commonwealth and the Federated Suns have shown that, when treated right, the Azami and their Arkab Legions are loyal followers of the Draconis Combine.

The paint scheme for the Arkab Legions is either desert tan or dark-green.

As they are semi-autonomous, the three Arkab Legions are not required to show the crest of the Draconis Combine, though the commanding officer of each Arkab Legion voluntarily paints the dragon insignia on the upper left arm of his BattleMech to show the Azami allegiance to House Kurita..

The Legion crest is a six-pointed star against a yellow and black background. The individual Legions will also sometimes use other symbols to differentiate themselves from their sister units.

2nd Arkab Legion: Defenders of the Faithful This medium ‘Mech unit specializes in Raids and Lightning Attacks.

4th Arkab Legion: God’s Blessings This heavy/Assault ‘Mech unit specializes in Planetary Assault and Defend missions.

6th Arkab Legion: Desert Nomads This light ‘Mech unit specializes in Fast Attacks, Recon, and Stealth missions