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Disposition: House Unit
Faction: Federated Commonwealth
First Officer: Hauptman-Kommandant "JimSan" MizunoJames
2nd Officer: Kommandant "SteelFox" SteelFox285
Established: 3010
Com Star
HPG Node: http://www.mwo.altimit.co.uk/
Code: English
Setting Up

Out of Character Information[edit | edit source]

Description[edit | edit source]

Arc-Royal Auxiliary Cavalry is a fun-loving, casual group of players that first got together as MLP-fans (and other players too, no love of MLP required to participate!) just out to enjoy the game. We welcome people of all skill levels and are willing to teach the games we play, from Battletech diehards to people who CAN'T give all three of a Mad Dog's names on sight, and may not even know any of them.

Recruitment[edit | edit source]

As mentioned before, we don't care if you're not a MLP-fans, consider yourself unskilled, or don't know Battletech, and we'd be more than willing to educate you on the last two (and maybe the first point, if you so wish!). We'll invite and accept anyone we feel to be a nice player and fun to play with. If you wish to join just get in touch with JimSan, SteelFox or Baozi and we can get it sorted in no time!

If you wish to play with us but not join the unit itself, we'd love to drop with other units as well! If any units wish to network with us for coordinated shared drops, again please get in touch with the three mentioned commanding officers, and include whether or not you'd like to be included on the list below;

Units with Joint Operational Command[edit | edit source]

Note on the Below[edit | edit source]

Its all in Role Play, give us abit of ingame history, even the Unit roster is in RP (tho those are the names of people in our unit), we all drop with whoever is online and wants to play etc.

Description[edit | edit source]

Arc-Royal Auxiliary Cavalry is an 'Independent Battalion' of the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces, though the name could also refer to the garrison regiment it is assigned to. Both the core battalion and the regiment as a whole are stationed, as the name implies, on Arc-Royal as a reserve unit. Because of this the unit has very close ties with the Kell Hounds, its active battalion serving alongside them in the field in different engagements and facilitating their operations throughout Steiner space, while the Regiment as a whole bolsters the defense of their shared homeworld and is linked to the Kell Hound's training system, the Arc-Royal Combat Training Program (ARCTP).

Due to their unique nature and Mercenary affiliation, they are treated by the LCAF as a 'special case' unit, and while not a first-line unit, they have a different mission profile than most garrison units, and typically see more action due to their frontline experience in the Succession Wars.

History[edit | edit source]

Third Succession War[edit | edit source]

With the creation of the Kell Hounds in 3010, the new mercenary unit became the chief defenders of Arc-Royal. In order to better utilize seasoned personnel where they would be best used, the Arc-Royal garrison was reorganized into an auxiliary battalion, to both help in defending the world and other planets in the area as well as support the Kell Hounds with operations that occur within the boundaries of the Lyran Commonwealth. As such the Arc-Royal Auxiliary Cavalry became a sort of intermediary unit between House Steiner and the Kell Hounds, deployed in different capacities from normal House garrison or frontline units. This, and their proximity to the Draconis Combine border, led them to be activated for the Third Succession War.

Working closely with Federated Suns forces, ARAC became one of the 'integrated' units after the FedCom Alliance agreement. The unit distinguished itself in engagements with Kuritan forces around Tamar. When Morgan Kell issued his 'Defection' and slashed the Kell Hound's forces at the end of this war, the Auxiliary Cavalry was stepped up to full three-battalion Regiment status, receiving numerous support units and the use of their own Jumpship, recognizing their excellent performance for the duration of the conflict.

Fourth Succession War[edit | edit source]

With the success of their relatively minor role in the Third Succession War and the newly upscaled unit size, the Auxiliary Cavalry was given a larger mission in the Fourth Succession War, though as a reserve unit their mission was still defensive in nature. They were attached to Operation Götterdämmerung, and moved just behind the assault front, responsible with securing worlds gained by Skye forces around Tukayyid and Grumium. They took great pains to give the to-be-FRR citizens their independence from nominal Lyran rule, cementing the Rasalhague impression of the Lyrans as liberators, and seeking to avoid emulating Duke Kelswa's heavy-handedness of occupied Principality territory coreward of their positions. Their continued conflict with Combine troops earned them the enmity of several Kuritan units, and their fairness in occupation formed close bonds with Rasalhague military units to come.

After the War of 3039 (where they were activated for defensive purposes only and never left the Commonwealth's borders) only displayed an increased need for cooperation between the AFFS and LCAF, the Auxiliary Cavalry, due to their experience in the previous two Succession Wars and their already greater than usual cooperation with Davion forces, was one of the principle units to be selected as an example. They partnered with the Kell Hound's training program, the ARCTP, and again became a dedicated second-line unit, this time focusing on training as well as territorial defense. Their 'active' unit roster was reduced from a full Regiment to a Square Battalion, with the rest of the Regiment having a transient roster due to training duties with the ARCTP and only ever activated should Arc-Royal itself need to be defended. After that point the name 'Arc-Royal Auxiliary Cavalry' referred almost exclusively to this primary Battalion.

Assigned Ships[edit | edit source]

JumpShips[edit | edit source]

Invader LCS Hürtgen Forest

As the Arc-Royal Auxiliary Cavalry is, as the name implies, a reserve unit, they were only awarded their own Jumpship when they rose from 'independant battalion' to full Regiment status, though a single Jumpship is still rather underwhelming for that stature. However, they retained private use of the Jumpship after being again relegated to Garrison duty after the Fourth Succession War, and it aids their core Battalion in it's interplanetary missions.

DropShips[edit | edit source]

Fortress Bourtange Reserve ship, only saw combat in both Succession Wars. Affectionately nicknamed "The Big One", referring to the defensive turrets around the Auxiliary Cavalry's home base, implying that it, too, is a static defense. Used as a grounded training ship for ARCTP use until again needed for full-Regiment activation.

Fortress Goede Hoop ARAC's primary combat dropship, the Goede Hoop has seen service in most of the unit's actions throughout it's history.

Leopard Hussar One of ARAC's two rapid-deployment dropships.

Leopard Hakkapeliitta Was critically damaged during fighting on Tukayyid, salvaged by local Rasalhague resistance forces and gifted back to the unit with its current name

Mule and Buccaneer x3 Cargo-hauling units assigned to the Battalion to handle logistic needs. Nominally one is assigned to each Battalion of the Regiment as support, but only one, the Pony, is commonly used due to only one Battalion seeing active service.