Unit:Anusiya Guard

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Disposition: Mercenary Unit
Faction: Unaffiliated
First Officer: CO "Sagaris" Kooroush Azartash
2nd Officer: XO "Kaezar" [[User:<Classified>| <Classified>]]
Established: 3040
Com Star
Code: English
Setting Up

The name Anusiya comes from the true name of the ancient Achaemenid Imperial Guard commonly known as the Persian Immortals. The term "Anusiya" actually means "Companion/comrade" signifying the equality and teammenship of the unit. This did not mean there were no ranks, but that each member entered on equal footing and earned its position based solely on their own merit. Our modern Anusiya Guard exemplifies this very same notion. Rank is not based on one’s position of birth or gender, but from their own effectiveness.

Lances: Lance Leader
1st (1AG) "Fire Walkers"
2nd (2AG)
Personnel: Call Sign Lance Assets: (current)
Kooroush Azartash Sagaris 1AG Jumpships 0
[classified] Kaezar 1AG Dropships 0
[classified] ZNamin Warships 0
[classified] SA Aerospace 0
[classified] CardBoardBox 1AG Mechanized 20
[classified] Big Fish Armor 0
[classified] Kerminator 1AG Infantry (SF) 10
[classified] Support Personnel 3

History of the Anusiya Guard:[edit | edit source]

In 3040, four siblings began visiting the closed and abandoned Azar Engineering facility sites to reclaim their family’s lost assets. Several of these had been demolished and most remaining had been picked clean already. However, at a few of these sites they discovered, and were able to reclaim, a number of miscellaneous equipment left behind when the facilities had closed their doors. Most of which they chose to sell, but amongst the equipment were five combat simulators which the siblings decide to keep. These simulators, they reasoned, were likely used in design and pre-prototyping processes for the old Azar Battlemech design team. With their new “loot”, the siblings headed home. Once there, the simulators were setup and tested. It was during this testing, and the seeming natural ability they possessed, that the four came up with the plan to form a mercenary company. Using their newly acquired funds the siblings were able to purchase a few battlemechs for their fledgling merc company and began recruiting a few of their more adventurous friends who were recent graduates from a number of war colleges of the Inner Sphere.

Dubbing themselves the Anusiya Guard in homage of their persian heritage, the group utilized their family contacts to contract out initially to small colonies in the periphery to cut their teeth on local piracy problems. As their experience and reputation grew, the Anusiya were able to pick up contracts from various sources within the Inner Sphere proper.

1st AG:[edit | edit source]

Originally comprised of members of the Azartash family, the 1st Anusiya Guard Lance took the name of Azar Squadron. But as the mercenary unit recruited, elements of the original lance occasionally commanded the newly forming lances and the 1st Anusiya Guard lance took the nickname “Fire Walkers”: an appropriate name considering the meaning of Azar is fire and also to accommodate the non family members of the lance.

2nd AG:[edit | edit source]

Aptly named, the 2nd Anusiya Guard Lance was the second lance to form under the Anusiya Guard mercenary company. Typically comprising of non Azartash family members, although occasionally commanded by them, the 2nd AG has been another very successful lance for the Guard and a very welcome addition.

History of Azar Engineering[edit | edit source]

Azar Engineering was a Terra based engineering and technology firm which produced products in many fields but focused primarily on robotics and prosthetics throughout its history. Founded in the early 21st century by four Azartash siblings, the company began with developing robotic parts and a primitive form of myomer composites. Azar Engineering later expanded to include multiple business units including Azar Heavy Engineering, Azar Computing, Azar AeroStar, and its own racing team, Azar Racing. With the formation of the Terran Hegemony, Azar Engineering expanded operations to several planets throughout Hegemony space. Azar Engineering produced Myomer bundles and internal structure components for the Hegemony Armed Forces and for the Star League Defence Force in general as well as other industrial and battlemech components. Additionally, the company produced many civilian products ranging from dynamic damping suspension for the automotive industry to children’s toys. During the latter years, Azar Engineering renewed development in personal VTOL craft “Sky Car” project.

Azar Engineering enjoyed a very successful business run until ravaged by the Amaris Civil War and the onset of the first Succession War. During the Amaris Coup, many Azar facilities were confiscated by Rim Worlds Republic troops. Like many companies in the Hegemony with connections to the SLDF, Amaris wanted to deny any supplies outbound to the beleaguered armed forces and to also purge any dissenters to his grasp on power. Secretly, cousins Koros Azartash and Kaevus Azartash, two lead executives of Azar Engineering, and many of the Azartash family formed a resistance movement against the Amaris regime. Initially limited mostly to increasing the difficulty of Amaris’ troops from locating hidden SLDF forces still on Terra and other planets throughout the Hegemony, and raiding food and weapon stores. However, as Kerensky neared the core planets and Terra itself, the Azartash’s moved to open resistance. Much of the Azar Engineering infrastructure was damaged or destroyed in the liberation campaign, mostly by Amaris troops attempting to prevent the use of the facilities to rearm and refit the SLDF forces. By war’s end, only one facility remained open barely operating at 25%. .

During the following period of rebuilding, Azar Engineering was able to bring several production facilities online, albeit only to the slimmest of productivity. When the Terran Hegemony began to fracture after the infamous decision of the House Lords to strip Aleksandr Kerensky of his authority and the subsequent exodus of the SLDF forces that followed, many Hegemony planets suffered from incursions from House Lord forces. Several such encroachments on Hegemony territory resulted in confiscation of Azar Engineering facilities and the expulsion of the employees and administrators from the premises. Azar Engineering immediately began pulling all resources and recalling all staff to its facilities on Terra. As the the Hegemony collapsed and the House Lords closed on Terra itself, Azar Engineering abandoned all facilities outside the Sol system and closed its doors officially in 2786. Many of the Azartash family either mysteriously went into hiding or retired completely from public life.