Unit:Antares Scorpions

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Disposition: Mercenary Unit
Faction: Unaffiliated
First Officer: MangoBogadog
2nd Officer: NARCoMAN
Established: 2012
Com Star
HPG Node: http://antaresscorpions.co.uk

Looking for the good life of C Bills and War?
For recruitment please visit our website forums and contact MangoBogadog

Who we are
The red supergiant star, Antares (or Alpha-Scorpii) resides at the centre of the Scorpio constellation and is aptly known as the ‘Heart of the Scorpion’.

The name Antares literally means ‘Rival to the God of War’ it comes from ancient Greek (anti-Ares) and was given because the red star can outshine the planet Mars in the nights sky.
The Scorpius constellation (it has been proven) became part of the night sky when the Goddess of Earth overheard the great hunter, Orion, boasting about how he would hunt every animal on the planet. The Goddess sent the scorpion to hunt the great hunter, both died in battle... but the scorpion completed his task! As a tribute both were given a place in the heavens.

Antares Scorpions mercenary unit will complete all missions, We will hunt the great and We will rival the gods of war!… for your C-Bills of course.

Where we stand
Antares Scorpions are currently an unaffiliated mercenary unit but we are still deciding where our loyalties will eventually lie, perhaps only to the C-Bills.
However, we were warned once by an old mystic to take up an alliance.

The BattleTech planet of Antares (our base of operations… obviously!) is apparently in a very compromising position for an unknown force that probably does not exist, to storm in from the deep peripheries to invade and conquer, all for the reasons of re-birthing an ancient league of stars with omni tech and strange notions of honour!? Yeaa likely!… riiight?