Unit:Angels of Death

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Disposition: Mercenary Unit
Faction: Unaffiliated
First Officer: Wolvenhaven
2nd Officer: Reinholt
Established: 1999
Com Star
HPG Node: http://www.clanaod.net
The Angels of Death are a large, international (primarily based in the U.S.) multi-gaming community which was founded in 1999 made up of 1500+ dedicated members spread across such games as BF3, JKII, EvE, Guild Wars 2, MoH:AA, WoT, and ToR. We are looking for potential members who are mature and would like to join our MWO division within AOD. Casual and serious players(18+) please check us out because we have a little of everything for everyone.

Casual Gamers: If you are looking for stress free gaming without the constant nagging of a "clan" we are definitely the place for you. There are no time requirements for being a part of our clan and you will not be pushed aside for our "special teams". There are no elitists in our gaming group and all members are treated equally regardless of talent. We understand that life is stressful enough and the reason to game is to escape all of the nonsense of real life and just chill out, have fun, and destroy mechs with friends.

Hard Core Gamers: We will be holding several practices a week, for those that would like to hone their skills, and perhaps earn a spot on our tournament/league and PvP teams. Furthermore, we take PvP very seriously for our hardcore players, and have had a strong group of leaders and players. So, if you would like to focus on teamwork without the distractions of individual egos and having a fun time, AOD is the place for you. We have had members from several different games win massive prizes, or free trips to other countries to participate in tournaments.

Perks to belonging to AOD:

Access to 350 man public/private Ventrilo server.
Contests: That's right, AOD holds contests for it's members that give them a chance to win prizes.
Access to AOD members with tech and computer knowledge. Something goes wrong in your rig, we have plenty of members willing to help walk you through your problems.
Hassle free gaming.
Ability to play with all of our members in any game we have a division for as well as on our servers.
Fun, friendly atmosphere where the clan is more of a family than just a group of players.

If you like what you see here, head over to http://www.clanaod.net and see what we have to offer. When applying, please create a forum name which matches your in-game name.