Unit:5th Reconnaissance Battalion - Butler's Rangers

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Disposition: Mercenaries
Faction: -
First Officer: Hairicin
2nd Officer: ?
Established: 3022
Com Star
Code: German
Setting Up

History[edit | edit source]

Mercenary Rating[edit | edit source]

Officers[edit | edit source]

As of 3022 the commanding officer was Kommandant Robert Dinesen IV.

3022[edit | edit source]

Dinesen’s Jayhawkers (Combined-Arms Regiment/Regular/Reliable)

Contract : CCAF

• CO: Kommandant Robert Dinesen

1. Battalion (1 BattleMech Battalion/Regular/Reliable)

• CO : Kommandant Robert Dinesen

2. Battalion (Armor Support Battalion/Green/Fanatic)

• CO : Hauptmann Emily McCullough

3. Battalion (Infantry Support Battalion/Green/Fanatic)

• CO : Hauptmann Matt Schreiber

3025[edit | edit source]

Dinesen’s Jayhawkers (1 Reinforced Lance/Veteran/Reliable)

• CO: Kommandant Robert Dinesen

- Only 7 Mechs are operational

Battle History[edit | edit source]

Current Status: Activ

Location: Zurich, Capellan Confederation

Date Mission Battle Mission Status
3028 Security Force for Zurich Ammunition Company - Activ