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Unit:36th Dieron Regulars

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Disposition: House Unit
Faction: Draconis Combine
First Officer: Storyteller
2nd Officer: Chu-i paxmortis
Established: 1993
Com Star
HPG Node:

Konnichiwa, warriors of the Dragon!

We are Battletech veterans, who started in 1993, playing the tabletop, the Pen&Paper game and Mechwarrior 1 to 4. Originally founded as a tabletop unit, the 36th Dieron was formed as a chapter in the first Mechforce Germany. During all those years we saw glorious victories, and bitter defeats. When the 36th became a unit with over 50 players, we did split into three smaller chapters and heard the call of the Nice Dice e.V., when the first Mechforce was closed.

What are our goals?

With MWO at hands, we think it's time to return to our roots and pickup our old chapter traditions and companions, as well as some new faces. To fight side by side and having loads of fun. However, we don't want to be an elite unit, which calls permanent attendance and paramilitary discipline. We aren't a bunch of soloists either. We're looking for something in between: clever team tactics? Yes, but always with the necessary respect for the other players and the opponents. True to the old tabletop motto: "On the desk against each other, around the desk with each other."

Why a frontline regiment and no elite unit like the Swords of Light?

Because we do not claim to be elite warriors. First of all MWO's just a game, on the other hand many of us have a lot of work to do in their jobs, and some of us have family. So, there's not enough time to become "elite". Therefore we find it exciting to be stationed in the military district of Dieron. Dieron has a common border with both parts of the Federated Commonwealth, this provides a credible framework for fighting with the houses of Davion and Steiner. And it's only a quick jump into the renegate Republic of Rasalhague, the Terran Corridor and the Free Worlds League.

If this sounds interesting to you, get in touch with us in our forum or drop by on our TS3 server and go for some rounds with us. You'll receive the login via private message, when you register in our forum. Your age doesn't matter, but good manners and a sense of teamplay do. And it's not important to us if you're a Veteran or a Rookie. If you want to become a good Mechwarrior, we will always give you a helping hand.

Sayounara, Storyteller

Where lies the honor / in bonds with men of terror / or naked power?