Unit:25th Marik Militia

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Disposition: House Unit
Faction: Free Worlds League
First Officer: Maj. Gen. Lex
2nd Officer: Brg. Gen. LuckJaw
Established: 3025
Com Star
HPG Node: http://www.25mm.net

Overview of the Regiment

The 25th Marik Militia is a FASA created Regiment of House Marik. Formed during the early years of the 1st Succession Wars, the militia are the backbone of the house defense.

The 25th was brought to the game community in late 1996. Since its creation, the unit has seen many commanders and pilots but one thing has always remained. Its ability to train its members. To teach the history FASA created in the lore and the skills needed to join, fight and lead the online community.

Let this place serve as the institution of learning
for those that come after us,
a reminder to those that are here,
and a honor to those that have served before us!
Senior Marshal Jada, Retired.
Former commander of the 25th.

January 19 2003
Speech to the 25th on the founding of the first 25th Academy of training

Enlistment and TeamSpeak Info