Unit:228th Independent Battlemech Regiment

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Disposition: Unaffiliated Unit
Faction: ComStar
Also: Star League
Precentor [[User:{{{Leader}}}| Deadfire]]
Precentor [[User:{{{XO}}}| Vercinix]]
Established: 2815
Com Star
HPG Node: http://www.228ibr.com
Code: English
Protocol: Teamspeak 3
Destination: ts.mercenarystar.net
Access: metagame
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The 228th Independent Battlemech Regiment or 228th IBR for short, is a Star League styled Merc Corp. We are what remains of the 326th Battlemech Division that chose not to depart with the rest of the SLDF in the Exodus. The 228th stayed to defend the Inner Sphere from the pirates, war criminals, and terrorists during the devastating civil war that took place soon after.

Decades of civil war without the support of any of the Great Houses left the 228th severely depleted of resources,mechs, and pilots. The remaining pilots that upheld the ideals of the Star League were dwindling in supply.

Finally, left with only a handful of idealistic pilots and a few old mechs from a forgotten Star League supply cache, the remnants of the 228th were approached by Comstar. They formed a Mercenary unit sponsored by Comstar, and resumed combat training and operations.

There was only one condition: Continue to uphold the integrity, traditions and culture of the Star League.


The 228th IBR is founded and run by people that aim create a unique group for people to have fun in competitive play with. Employing the experience gained from the formation of past units in many other games, the 228th IBR represents what an MWO unit should be about: teamwork, fun, and blowing stuff up.


228bullet.pngWe Have Experience

Coming from a long history of strategy and simulation gaming, our senior members have gained significant experience in unit organization, clan relations, and other such unit-based wet-work. Our experience has also taught us to not fall into stagnation and complacency.

We're an experienced start-up, with a rare mix of both know-how and adaptability that our members are expected to maintain. From the top-down, this allows us to maintain a stable and functioning framework for our members to operate without disorganization, drama, and raging lunatics.

228bullet.pngShort Roster, Big Numbers
While we are a highly competitive unit we strive to be supportive of new players as well. We value quality over quantity and focus on being a reliable, mature, and loyal group. We are an exclusive group of exceptional individuals that come together to blow stuff up, and we are looking for people who fit that profile.

228bullet.pngWe Serve our MWO Community
The 228th IBR is a founding member of The Mercenary Star Coalition whose focus is in aiding not just the competitive community, but the community as a whole though information, articles, video media, TS3, competitive leagues and more.

228bullet.pngDecorated with Valor
Our unit is highly competitive and always strives to be the best. It is in this endeavor that we have found quickly ourselves as one of the premiere competitive units. Our competitive achievements include: First place in both Unit and Faction in Marik Civil War Season 2, first place in Proxis for the Pirates, and a powerful third place finish in the IGP First Engagement Tournament. Currently we are seeking a repeat performance in Marik Civil War Season 3 as well as a strong showing in RHOD Season 3.

228bullet.pngWe Had Fun Once, and It Was Awesome
We aren't some pseudo mil-sim unit that emphasizes illogical gameplay styles modeled after a real-world military unit and we won't force you to do regularly scheduled menial practice drills just for the sake of it.

However, we are not a casual unit either; we are composed of players skilled and mature enough that the unrelenting weight of a draconian clan framework is unnecessary. Our training has purpose. Our natural ability to adapt and overcome is unparallelled.

Above all, we play games to have fun.