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Base: [[]]
Tonnage: Tonnage::
MC.png  Cost:
Stock Equipment
Engine: [[Engine|]]
Speed: km/h
Structure: [[Internal Structure|]]
Armor: Armor::
Heat Sinks:
Stock Armament
: [[]]
ECM location: ECM Location:: 
AMS location: AMS:: 
ECM Capable?: ECM::No
Jump Jets: Jump Jets::n/a
Mech Module Slots: Module Slots::
Weapon Module Slots: Weapon Module Slots::
Consumable Module Slots: Consumable Module Slots::
Chassis Attributes
Speed (min/max):
Speed Tweak Bonus:
Engine Ratings: Ratings:: -
Movement Archetype: Movement Archetype::
Max Armor:
Pitch Twist
Arms Arm Pitch::° Arm Yaw::°
Torso Torso Pitch::° Torso Yaw::°
Twist X Bonus:
Advanced Equipment

[1] Minimum Rating:: Maximum Rating:: [[Minimum Speed::Expression error: Unexpected / operator.]] [[Maximum Speed::Expression error: Unexpected / operator.]] Torso:: /  Arms:: /  [[Total Hardpoints::000 ]] {{#subobject:|Demo=Infoboxmodeltest|Has Number=|Has Label=Left Arc }} {{#subobject:|Demo=Infoboxmodeltest|Has Number=Expression error: Unexpected * operator.|Has Label=Torso Arc}} {{#subobject:|Demo=Infoboxmodeltest|Has Number=|Has Label=Right Arc}} {{#subobject:|Demo=Infoboxmodeltest|Has Number=Expression error: Unexpected * operator.|Has Label=Rear}} Model:: ID:: MechSpec:: {{#subobject:|Demo=Infoboxmodeltest|Model=|ID=|MechSpec=| }} Mech:: [[Image::]] Class:: Year:: Engine:: Base Speed:: Structure:: MaxArmor:: HeatSinks:: HeatSinksType:: MC Cost:: location of weapon 1:: number of weapon 1:: weapon 1:: location of weapon 2:: number of weapon 2:: weapon 2:: location of weapon 3:: number of weapon 3:: weapon 3:: location of weapon 4:: number of weapon 4:: weapon 4:: location of weapon 5:: number of weapon 5:: weapon 5:: location of weapon 6:: number of weapon 6:: weapon 6:: location of weapon 7:: number of weapon 7:: weapon 7:: location of weapon 8:: number of weapon 8:: weapon 8:: location of weapon 9:: number of weapon 9:: weapon 9:: location of weapon 10:: number of weapon 10:: weapon 10:: equipment 1::equipment 2:: equipment 3:: equipment 4:: equipment 5:: equipment 6:: [[Special::]] crit spaces::

Specs {{#ask: [[Category:]] |

?Ratings ?Speed ?Torso ?Arms ?Total Hardpoints ?Cbill Cost ?MC Cost limit=500 format= template template= Query Mech Specs sort= Tonnage order= asc introtemplate= Mech Specs Header outrotemplate= Mech Specs Footer


Hardpoints {{#ask: [[Category:]] |

?Jump Jets ?Module Slots ?Weapon Module Slots ?Consumable Module Slots ?AMS ?Right arm ?Right torso ?Head ?Center torso ?Left torso ?Left arm ?Total Hardpoints limit=500 format= template template= Query Mech Specs 2 sort= Tonnage order= asc introtemplate= Mech Specs Header2 outrotemplate= Mech Specs Footer


  1. {{#ask:Infoboxmodeltest |?mech=Mech |?model=Model | format=template | template=Model Ref | limit=1 }}