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Shadow Cat SHC-Prime

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SHC-Prime Overview

Base: Shadow Cat
Introduced: 3003
Tonnage: 45]
Class: Medium
Cbill.png  Cost: 9,614,177
MC.png  Cost: 3,850
Stock Equipment
Engine: 270 XL
Speed: 97.2 km/h
Structure: Endo-Steel
Armor: 268 (87.6%)
Heat Sinks: 10 Double
Stock Armament
RA: 1 C-Gauss Rifle
RT: 1 C-ER Medium Laser
LA: 1 C-ER Medium Laser
Right Arm: 1
Left Arm: 1
Right Torso: 1
ECM location: None
AMS location: LT
ECM Capable: No
Jump Jets: 6/6
Mech Module Slots: 1
Weapon Module Slots: 2
Consumable Module Slots: 2
Chassis Attributes
Speed (min/max): 115.2 - 115.2
Speed Tweak Bonus: 126.7 - 126.7
Engine Ratings: 320 - 320
Movement Archetype: Medium
Max Armor: 306
Pitch Twist
Arms 40° 10°
Torso 20° 135°
Twist X Bonus: 148.5°/162°
Advanced Equipment
Clan Active Probe MASC

210 [1]

Shadow Cat Specs

Shadow Cat Hardpoints

Overview[edit | edit source]

The SHC-Prime only has two energy hardpoints and one ballistic hardpoint. The right torso OmniPod is notable for being the only one among all variants with a high mounted energy hardpoint, which can be used for energy sniping. The -Prime is the only variant with an AMS hardpoint, but the stock loudout doesn't use it.

As an OmniMech, it can use OmniPods from other Shadow Cat variants for additional hardpoint variations.

The SHC-Prime was one of the Clan 'Mechs available for purchase during Operation Revival, featuring a unique skin and a 30% Cbill.png bonus.

Strengths[edit | edit source]

  • Shoulder mounted energy hardpoint
  • Has an AMS hardpoint
  • Has MASC

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

  • Low number of hardpoints

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BattleMech Hardpoint List[edit source]

Chassis Attributes Table[edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. SHC-Prime.mdf file (Piranha Games\MechWarrior Online\Game\Objects.pak\Objects\mechs\Shadow Cat\SHC-Prime.mdf)