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Playing With Friends, Groups, and Teams: Read Stickies

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Playing With Friends, Groups, and Teams
Table of Contents
1. Team Game
2. Read Stickies
3. Know the Game
4. Know Your Role
5. Tactical Speak
6. Text Chat
7. Mechlab Social Button
8. Group Commander
9. Voice Comms
10. MWO Regimental Membership

Read Stickies[edit | edit source]

(these links are fixed. I will assess these later when they get the forums sorted out)

First, if you have not done so, please spend a bit of time (several hours) perusing ALL of the stickies in all 4 of the main Beta forums. There is a wealth of info and answered questions there. There are 4 basic forums to look at and all have a plethora of stickies to read through. I have added links to the various beta forums below and have also noted a few of the important or useful threads here that you will definitely want to take a look at:

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