Playing With Friends, Groups, and Teams: MWO Regimental Membership

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Playing With Friends, Groups, and Teams
Table of Contents
1. Team Game
2. Read Stickies
3. Know the Game
4. Know Your Role
5. Tactical Speak
6. Text Chat
7. Mechlab Social Button
8. Group Commander
9. Voice Comms
10. MWO Regimental Membership

MWO Regimental Membership[edit | edit source]

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At some point you will most likely want to look at joining a Unit/Clan/Guild/Regiment or whatever they are called in MW land. Most of them will most likely have their own private TS3, Ventrilo,Mumble or other server for voice comms, and they can be a great place to start learning the ropes, as well as a more enjoyable social game play experience. This will also get you setup and acquainted with a group, which will be especially important for when commnunity warfare is implemented. You will also find that groups who play together will generally stomp the random PUG (pickup group)/PUB (public) drop groups fairly consistently. Hopefully, when the matchmaker gets fixed this will not be an issue. Stage 1 has been implemented (limit to 4 man groups + PUGs) and Stage 2 and 3 are coming down the pike.

Each Guild/Clan/Merc Unit will play differently and will have a different culture. Some will be more casual and some will be more into the competition and winning, some will be more into the role playing aspects. Spend some time looking at the different Guilds/Brigades/Merc Groups and find one that fits your play style and needs. Many of them already have websites and recruitment threads that tell you what they expect and how they operate so you can get an idea. My FRR Merc Unit is casual and you can get involved in the RP aspects as little or as much as you want. For me, I just need a great group to play with, and on rare occasion will get involved with the RP or flavor aspects, since I am too busy.

Here is the Merc Corps Subforum and the Faction Talk Subforum too, and this wonderful little thread titled Hiring Hall specifically for pilots looking for a house/clan to join.

Additionally, there is a list of over 200 units registered here on the MWO-wiki: MechWarrior Online Units

Please let me know if there is anything else of interest for this guide. Good luck everyone! Happy Fragging!

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