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Playing With Friends, Groups, and Teams: Group Commander

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Playing With Friends, Groups, and Teams
Table of Contents
1. Team Game
2. Read Stickies
3. Know the Game
4. Know Your Role
5. Tactical Speak
6. Text Chat
7. Mechlab Social Button
8. Group Commander
9. Voice Comms
10. MWO Regimental Membership

Group Commander[edit | edit source]

(this section is rough)

It used to be that the first person to load on a side will be assigned the group commander and will have access to the command functions in the Battlmap, but now it seems that Command is not automatically assigned, and anyone can take command once the match has started.

You can take command of your drop group by accessing the Battlemap ('B') and then in the upper left-hand corner of the Battlemap screen you will see the option to Take Command. Once you have done so you will have the ability to resign command. If someone currently has command then you will see the option to take command.

Resign Commander.png

Once you have Command you will have some command functions to help to drive your group to victory. Currently all commands are done from the Battlemap which is accessed using the "B" button. In the upper right-hand corner you will see the following legend detailing the commands you can issue to your dropgroup.

Commands - Top.png

You issue commands to your group by left clicking on an area and a little yellow dot will appear and then a list of the lances that are available to give commands to. Currently there is only 1 lance - Lance Alpha, later on there will be Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie lances that you can assign commands to. Once you click on the map you click on the lance - Alpha, and then the list of commands shows up that you can select. Once you select the command a marker for that command will show up in your teammate's HUD pointing them to that.

bug annoyance: It is reported that: it is best to place the markers within 2-3 grid squares of your current location or they don't show up on the mini-map until the players stumble across them by accident. Updating the location often makes sure everyone can see them when they need to see them.

Map Commands.png

Another benefit of being Commander is that the color of your text chat will be orange so it will stand out from the rest of your dropmates. For PUG groups having someone take charge can make a huge difference since directing a PUG group can be difficult (like herding cats). Some organized team work can mean the difference between a win and a loss, so if someone is not taking charge of your group and you think you have a good idea, then please help lead your group to victory.

Commanders Text.png

This function is still pretty rough and you can only give one command at a time, and you do not seem to be able to cancel a command once it is given. Once a command is given there will always be one command in play. Keep that in mind, so you will need to keep on top of this or your current command may be confusing.

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