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ON1-IIC-A Overview

Orion IIC.jpg
Base: Orion-IIC
Introduced: 2841
Tonnage: 75]
Class: Heavy
Cbill.png  Cost: 7,849,879
MC.png  Cost: 3,140
Stock Equipment
Engine: 300 STD
Speed: 64.8 km/h
Structure: Endo-Steel
Armor: 460 (99.6%)
Heat Sinks: 12 Double
Stock Armament
RA: 1 C-ER Large Laser
RT: 1 C-Ultra AC 5
LT: 2 C-SRM 4
LA: 2 C-LRM 15
LA: 1 C-ER Large Laser
Right Arm: 1
Left Arm: 1 2
Right Torso: 1
Left Torso: 2
ECM location: None
AMS location: LT
ECM Capable: No
Jump Jets: No
Mech Module Slots: 1
Weapon Module Slots: 2
Consumable Module Slots: 2
Chassis Attributes
Speed (min/max): 32.4 - 77.8
Speed Tweak Bonus: 35.6 - 85.5
Engine Ratings: 150 - 360
Movement Archetype: Large
Max Armor: 462
Pitch Twist
Arms 30° 20°
Torso 20° 85°
Twist X Bonus: 93.5°/102°
Advanced Equipment
Ferro Fibrous  

214 [1]

Orion-IIC Specs

Orion-IIC Hardpoints

Overview[edit | edit source]

The ON1-IIC-A has the most missile hardpoints. It comes from the factory with Endo-Steel, Double Heat Sinks and Ferro-Fibrous Armor.

Strengths[edit | edit source]

  • Hardpoints are a mix of all three weapon types.

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

  • Cockpit is off-center.
  • Carries a lot of ammo, increasing the chance of ammo explosions.

Online Mech Lab Tools[edit source]

This online Mech Lab tool will let you build any load outs without having to purchase the 'Mech or spend C-Bills first.

Mech Build Guides[edit source]

Get help, discuss, or show off your custom 'Mechs on the forums:

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ON1-IIC-A.mdf file (Piranha Games\MechWarrior Online\Game\Objects.pak\Objects\mechs\Orion-IIC\ON1-IIC-A.mdf)