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There are many pages, discussing pretty much the same topic. This page tries to be a guideline, in order to get articles focused and guides helping (instead of pointing away from this wiki). Additionally some redirects seem to be confusing and this might give a thread before things get out of hand.

MWOwiki has 4,180 pages,
1,176 articles (linked pages), 1,301 files,
297,035 registered and 3 active users.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Should give newbs an overview of MWO

What is MWO - Free2Play - Plot - Storyline - Factions - Release Notes - FAQ -
Mech Warfare - Role Warfare - Community Warfare - Information Warfare
Modes, Assault, Conquest
Media - Official Trailers, Dev Blogs, ISN Articles

Game Client[edit | edit source]

Should give an overview to accessible screens within the game, so describes them briefly, links to more substantial articles, if

System Requirements, Installation, Troubleshooting
Loadout (Weapons, Ammo, Equipment, Armor), Modules, Upgrades, Camo Spec, Cockpit (Items)
Mech Trees (Pilot Skills Experience), Pilot Trees

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

Mechs[edit | edit source]

units / users[edit | edit source]

MWO Primer Contents


Playing With Friends, Groups, and Teams
  • Team Game - Team Game
  • Read Stickies - wiki says: read the forum ... dont like it
  • Know the Game - again wiki's advise: read forum^^ ... there's casual gamers out there, that dont want to study BT-Universe
Read up on Battle Tech/Mech Warrior Lore
Weapon Equipment and Stats
How-to and Tutorials
Tactical Advice
Know Your Role
Mech Chassis Classes: Light, Medium, Heavy, Assault
Lance Roles: Recon/Skirmisher, Striker/Brawler, Heavy Support (Direct and Indirect)
Use the Phonetic Alphabet, Tactical Info, Identify targets, Vulnerability Info, Requesting Assistance, Calling Enemy Movements, Walking the Line
Text Chat: Chat Keys, Reasons to use, Text Chat Pointers, Text Chat While Using a Voice Client
Mechlab Social Button: Invites, Blocked, Friends, Groups
Group Commander
Voice Comms: You do not need to speak, C3 Client, Team Speak, Chat Servers