Game Designer: David Bradley

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About[edit | edit source]

Let’s see, at the end of this week I’ll be starting my fifth year in the video game industry. All of that time has been spent working at Piranha in various level designer and game designer capacities. I’ve always had a computer and a game console (starting with an Apple IIe and Atari 2600) for as long as I can remember, and I’ve been playing games on them for just as long. I also regularly play a variety of miniatures game, board games, and roleplaying games. My primary role on this project is to design and oversee the actual gameplay. This covers everything from how the ’Mechs move and shoot to how information is displayed on the HUD. Oh, just to through it out there, I’m not the game designer David Bradley who worked on the Wizardry series, and I’m neither the inventor of the Ctrl+Alt+Delete command nor any of the actors who share my name (though it seems that my name is in good company).[1]

Meet the Developer[edit | edit source]

Developer Interview 3 - David Bradley, Bryan Ekman, Paul Inouye: - 11 January 2012

Developer Q&A[edit | edit source]

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