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Example of Founders Camo/Skin

Founders supported MWO in an early state (closed Beta) and purchased a Founders Package. The Founders program was also known as Operation: Inception, which ran from June, 19th to August, 7th 2012.

The Founders variants featured a unique skin, with a more weathered and worn appearance than the default skin on a standard variant. They came set to a blue color by default. They included a 25% C-Bill bonus. In September of 2014, it was announced that as a part of the game's 1st year anniversary, the C-Bill bonus would be increased to 30% to match the bonus provided by other 'Mech pre-order packages.

Founder Package
Veteran Elite Legendary
Badge veteran.png
Badge elite.png
Badge legendary.png
Founders Tag
Instant access to Beta
1 Month Premium Time
10,000 MC
Choice of 1
Founders BattleMech
All four
Founder BattleMechs
Name in the Credits

Founder BattleMech
Jenner JR7-D Hunchback HBK-4G Catapult CPLT-C1 Atlas AS7-D
Founders Jenner.jpg
Founders Hunchback.jpg
Founders Catapult.jpg
Founders Atlas.jpg
Unique skin and lifetime 30% C-Bill bonus.
(This is all that makes them different from the models now available.)

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