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Flea FLE-4

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FLE-4 Overview

Flea concept.jpg
Base: Flea
Introduced: 2501
Tonnage: 20]
Class: Light
Cbill.png  Cost: 1,519,200
MC.png  Cost:
Stock Equipment
Engine: 120 STD
Speed: 97.2 km/h
Structure: Standard
Armor: 64 (46.4%)
Heat Sinks: 10 single
Stock Armament
LA: 1 Large Laser
CT: 1 Flamer
RA: 2 Small Laser
ECM location:  
AMS location: ?
ECM Capable: No
Jump Jets: No
Mech Module Slots:
Weapon Module Slots:
Consumable Module Slots:
Chassis Attributes
Speed (min/max): 81 - 137.7
Speed Tweak Bonus: 89.1 - 151.5
Engine Ratings: 100 - 170
Movement Archetype:
Max Armor: 138
Pitch Twist
Twist X Bonus: /
Advanced Equipment

000 [1]

Flea Specs

Flea Hardpoints

Overview[edit | edit source]

The FLE-4 carries an impressive weapons array for a 20 ton 'Mech. Both speed and armor, at a paltry 2 tons, were sacrificed in order to allow this light 'Mech to carry such a loadout however.

  • All stats are based on Table Top statistics until more information for MechWarrior: Online is publicly released.

Strenths[edit | edit source]

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

BattleMech Hardpoint List[edit source]

Chassis Attributes Table[edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. FLE-4.mdf file (Piranha Games\MechWarrior Online\Game\Objects.pak\Objects\mechs\Flea\FLE-4.mdf)