Comstar Irregulars

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CI Logo Light Small (1).png
Disposition: Clan Unit
Faction: Merc Corp
First Officer: Joe Psycho
2nd Officer: Dracol Noonan RedAnxiety
Established: 2012
Com Star
HPG Node:
Code: English

There exists a yawning gap between the disorganized chaos of random drops and the draconian culture of the ultra try hard competitive units. Currently the two are mutually exclusive, a player must make a choice between having a good time and being relaxed at the expense of competitive play. Until now...

Our mission:

The Comstar Irregulars aim to fill that gap by positioning ourselves in that sweet spot between relaxed pug drops and serious competitive play. Our mission is to be laser focused on developing the competitive scene in the back drop of a relaxed enjoyable environment for our players. We achieve this by developing an atmosphere that focuses on team work first, the victory of the group over individual glory.

Our members are chosen for their attitude, respect for others, and their ability to successfully coordinate with others.The Comstar Irregulars operate on the philosophy that the sum is greater than the whole. Each member is interdependent upon each of their lance mates, and each member enters a combat zone knowing that they can rely on their lance mates. We deploy strategies and tactics that leverage our community bonds to devastating effects.

The attention to community and development of an atmosphere of camaraderie allows the unit to benefit from an active and engaged player base. Nearly every hour of the day, any day of the week our channels are buzzing with activity.

History and Information

The Comstar Irregulars is a mercenary corporation founded by six former members of ComStar, and the ComStar Guards and Militia, also known as the Com Guard. They have managed to maintain connections with factions within ComStar. These connections give them access to equipment and intelligence generally unavailable to even the best units of the Great Houses.

This unit has seen action in many theatres of warfare throughout the Inner Sphere since their founding in 3041. Their employers have ranged from large corporations, and private citizens, to the Great Houses themselves. They have mostly taken contracts from the Periphery States of late. There are rumors they have covertly worked for ComStar on a number of occasions, when any military action taken by ComStar would be, considered a violation of its neutral status.

The unit is quite proficient in the art of asymmetrical warfare, creating ad hoc units, as well as conventional warfare. They have been contracted act as instructors to help turn units into an extremely effective fighting force. Leaving these troops more prepared to face whatever enemy they might encounter in the future.

If you have the need for an armed response solution, to any for you troubles. Contact the local representative of the Mercenary Review Board or send a hyperpulse to our Galatea or Outreach offices.


-Run Hot or Die
-Mercenary Review and Bonding Commission
-Inner Sphere Challenge
-Marik Civil War


TeamSpeak: ComStar NA (


E-mail: comstarirregulars(at)