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Commando COM-TDK

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COM-TDK Overview

Base: Commando
Tonnage: 25]
Class: Light
MC.png  Cost: 1,875
Stock Equipment
Engine: 175 STD
Speed: 113.4 km/h
Structure: Standard
Armor: 176 (98.9%)
Heat Sinks: 11 Double
Stock Armament
RA: 2 Medium Laser
LA: 2 Medium Laser
Right Arm: 2
Left Arm: 2
ECM location:  
AMS location: RT
ECM Capable: No
Jump Jets: No
Mech Module Slots: 1
Weapon Module Slots: 2
Consumable Module Slots: 2
Chassis Attributes
Speed (min/max): 64.8 - 155.5
Speed Tweak Bonus: 71.3 - 171.1
Engine Ratings: 100 - 240
Movement Archetype: Tiny
Max Armor: 178
Pitch Twist
Arms 30° 40°
Torso 24° 108°
Twist X Bonus: 118.8°/129.6°
Advanced Equipment
+30% C-Bill Bonus

400 [1]

Commando Specs

BattleMech Engine Maneuverability Hardpoints Expenses
Series min / max Speed Torso Arms Total MC.png 
Models [km/h] Pitch/Twist Pitch/Turn
Commando COM-1B 100 - 240 64.8 - 155.5 20° / 90° 30° / 40° 301 680
Commando COM-3A 100 - 240 64.8 - 155.5 24° / 108° 30° / 40° 202 720
Commando COM-TDK 100 - 240 64.8 - 155.5 24° / 108° 30° / 40° 400 1875
Commando COM-1D 100 - 240 64.8 - 155.5 20° / 90° 30° / 40° 202 700
Commando COM-2D 100 - 210 64.8 - 136.1 24° / 108° 30° / 40° 103 715

Commando Hardpoints

BattleMech Hardpoints
Mech Weapon Consumable
Series Jump Module Module Module
Model Jets Slots Slots Slots AMS RA RT HD CT LT LA
Commando COM-1B No 1 2 2 RT 2     1    1
Commando COM-2D No 1 2 2 RT 2     1    1
Commando COM-1D No 1 2 2 RT 2     2     
Commando COM-TDK No 1 2 2 RT 2          2
Commando COM-3A No 2 2 2 RT 1 1     1    1

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Death's Knell model of the Commando is a Hero Mech. The Death's Knell offers more Energy Hardpoints than other Commando models. Like all Hero Mechs, the Death's Knell provides a 30% Cbill.png  bonus.

Stock Loadout[edit | edit source]

The Death's Knell forgoes any missile weapons for four Medium Lasers, all of which are mounted in the arms and can be aim together easily. 11 Double Heat Sinks help to manage the heat load more effectively than standard ones. Finally, the -TDK is faster and better armored than any other stock Commando.

Strengths[edit | edit source]

Like all Commandos, the TDK is fast and maneuverable. All of the 'Mechs hardpoints are located in the arms, which gives all weapons a firing arc of 120° minimum relative to the legs.

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

While the TDK offers more energy hardpoints than any other Commando, it is easily out matched by all currently available Jenners, all of which offer 4 energy hardpoints at a minimum and have the ability to jump. However, the TDK is still unrivalled at it's speed. Save for other Commandos. (Excluding the 2D)

Background[edit | edit source]

Captain Bono Duganmare Commander of a company of the 22nd Skye Rangers, Duganmare has the unenviable task of training inexperienced warriors. Quiet yet demanding in his silver Commando, The Death's Knell, the captain moves about the training field, cajoling his men to work harder. If that approach does not produce results, he resorts to a trainee 'Mech's backside instead.

Though concerned about his men's welfare in battle, Duganmare knows enough to let them do their jobs with great tactical expertise. Not a flashy hero with many kills to his name, he nevertheless has earned the respect of both his men and of his superiors, who treat him like a valuable resource. Some recent rumors suggest that he will head up the first Commonwealth Military Academy on Tharkad. [2]

Online Mech Lab Tools[edit source]

This online Mech Lab tool will let you build any load outs without having to purchase the 'Mech or spend C-Bills first.

Mech Build Guides[edit source]

Get help, discuss, or show off your custom 'Mechs on the forums:

BattleMech Hardpoint List[edit source]

Chassis Attributes Table[edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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  2. MechWarrior Online Inside Source Newsletter Issue.008.JAN.2013