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Com Guards
General Overview
Faction ComStar
Capital Terra
Inner Sphere 3048 thumb.png
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Description[edit | edit source]

Founded in 2788 by the Jerome Blake, ComStar guards and maintains the HyperPulse Generator communications network and other valuable technologies developed during the time of the Star League, guarding knowledge that might have been lost forever were it not for the foresight of our Blessed Founder.

Blake recognized two great responsibilities in the wake of the collapse of the Star League: preserving as much of the currently available technological knowledge as possible, and preventing the Successor States from seizing the interstellar communications network and misusing it to destroy each other. In 2788, Blake took control of Terra and declared it a neutral world. He offered secure interstellar communication to all Successor States that would pledge to respect the neutrality of the HyperPulse generator stations and personnel. The Inner Sphere leaders recognized that open communications were crucial to their survival, agreed to Blake's demands, and the blessed order of ComStar was born. Blake created the First Circuit to administer ComStar's affairs and fostered a "secret brotherhood" mentality among ComStar's members in order to keep the secrets of the Star League safe.

After Blake's death in 2819, Conrad Toyama of Dieron took control of ComStar. He replaced its corporate structure with a rigid, religious hierarchy, and shrouded its activities in mystic rituals. Toyama declared himself Primus, the highest authority in ComStar, bequeathing that august title and its responsibilities to every leader of ComStar who followed him. Primus Toyama's carefully crafted religious mystery served Blake's vision by fostering the belief that the sacred magic of HPG transmissions could only be wielded by ComStar adepts, ensuring that no Successor State would attempt to take control the Star League's technological legacy.

Culture[edit | edit source]

Politics[edit | edit source]

Despite ComStar's small size of territory and its professed neutrality, its assets and technological supremacy allows it to reside as a major dominating force in interstellar politics.

Relationship with other Factions[edit | edit source]

Regions[edit | edit source]

Armed Forces[edit | edit source]

The Com Guards, more formally known as the ComStar Guards and Militia, is the military arm of ComStar. Despite publicly professing for centuries that having a full military would damage its neutrality, the seeds for the future Com Guards were founded in the wake of the collapse of the Star League by Jerome Blake, formed around a core of Star League Defense Force troops as a source of order for the Inner Sphere should the Successor States attempt to attack Terra or any HPG stations across the Sphere. The Com Guards were kept hidden by Blake and his successors far from the prying eyes of the Successor State militaries, and, due to this, escaped much of the technological downgrades that said militaries suffered over the course of four Succession Wars.

Citing an supposed attack on HPG station by the Federated Suns during the Fourth Succession War as justification, Primus Myndo Waterly revealed the existence of the Com Guards to a shocked Successor States, with its mysterious commander Precentor Martial Anastasius Focht deploying the Com Guards forces to guard the Order's HPG compounds across the entire Inner Sphere, while also sending his forces out of assist with relief efforts for natural disasters, hostage rescues, political unrest, search and rescue operations as well as fending off Periphery bandit raids. As of 3049, Wolfnet estimated the Com Guards' BattleMech strength alone to represent the equivalent of more than fifty regiments.

BattleMechs[edit | edit source]

Thanks to ComStar's preservation of Star League technology and its secret seizure of numerous SLDF caches during its formation, the Blessed Order's modern Com Guards boasts a large number of Star League designs that are exceedingly rare or have disappeared entirely within the Successor State militaries. Even for those designs that are still manufactured today, the Com Guard

Phoenix Hawk
Shadow Hawk
Black Knight
King Crab

Command Structure[edit | edit source]

Tactics[edit | edit source]

People[edit | edit source]

ISN News Updates[edit | edit source]

This is an archive of all the ComStar News Broadcasts. Use the Sort.png button to sort dates in ascending or descending order or to display articles in alphabetical order.

ComStar Feed Archive Notable characters News date
Rumors swirl in ComStar circles that Precentor XIII Styven Kimmelry will soon be named commander of 103rd Division. 3048-11-09
Katrina Troth, XO of Com Guards’ First Army, is fending off allegations she participated in a smuggling ring. Katrina Troth 3048-12-09
FoI advocates demand release of classified documents surrounding alleged “war” between ComStar & MIIO from 3034-44 3048-12-15
Precentor of Dieron, Sharilar Mori, assured citizens that the Hyperpulse Generator station would be back online within 24 hours. Sharilar Mori 3048-12-16
Explorer Corps is mounting a new expedition to deep Periphery ruins of the 295th Division in hopes of finding the Exodus Road. 3048-12-18
New holodoc purports evidence of secret meeting between current ComStar Primus Waterly and House Kurita in 3034. Myndo Waterly 3049-01-18
“Star League Technology Resurgence: Legacy of the Helm Memory Core” is hot seller despite ComStar interference. 3049-01-19
Reporter Julia Travs arrested by ComStar; attempting to gain access to records surrounding the Holy Order of Sandhurst. Julia Travs 3049-03-05
Com Guards accused of “brain washing” propaganda over last decade resulting in huge upsurge in recruitments. 3049-03-11
Rumors swirl of expose on so-called “Operation Rosebud”; clandestine ComStar op forcing House Kurita to recognize FRR. 3049-04-01
Despite ardent objections of inviting ComStar investment in 3039, improvements of OA literacy and economy are undeniable. 3049-05-10
Upgraded field modifications appearing in the last two years for the Firefly fuel speculation Dragoons tied to ComStar. 3049-06-27
The years’ long legal battle over ComStar buyout of Alliance Industries Diversified ends in ComStar’s favor. 3049-06-29
Com Guard’s salvage MCY-97 Mercury after a training accident sends the high-speed ’Mech careening into housing project. 3049-07-07
NAIS attempts to reengineer KTO-20 Kintaro from captured down-graded Combine model; a ComStar “gift” from War of 3039. 3049-09-24
“The Great Interdiction” explores Charles Marik’s ill-fated war against ComStar; cementing the Order’s place of power. Charles Marik 3049-09-28

Player Affiliated Units[edit | edit source]

ComStar affiliated online units;

To add your ComStar unit to this list, use this form and enter ComStar in the faction field.

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Equipment[edit | edit source]

Each House and faction have unique industrial aspects which results in some having greater access to different access equipment than others.

Technology[edit | edit source]

ComStar has large and easy access to powerful Lostech weapons which gives them a mythical "unbeatable" status against others.