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Charles Marik

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Charles Marik was Captain-General of the Free Worlds League at the start of the Second Succession War.

ComStar War[edit | edit source]

With the League's intelligence agency SAFE suffering crippling damage during the First Succession War, Charles tried to convince his sister Jeannette Marik, a member of the neutral communications organisation ComStar, to use her internal contacts to obtain intelligence information detailing the military intentions of the League's enemies, the Lyran Commonwealth and the Capellan Confederation.

Jeannette would ultimately provide her brother with a significant amount of important intel that allowed the FWLM to make considerable gains against the Lyran and Capellans during the early years of the Second Succession War, but after suffering a number of setbacks Charles began to believe ComStar was also supplying intel to his enemies. Lacking conclusive proof to back his belief of ComStar's duplicity, Charles attempted to acquire it by leaking word of a supposedly newly discovered SLDF storehouse on Cursa via both ComStar and directly to his sister. After Liao troops landed on the abandoned and worthless world, in 2837 an enraged Charles ordered the last active FWLM WarShips to obliterate the Class A HPG station and all ComStar personnel on Oriente, including his sister.

Claiming Charles accusations were untrue, ComStar Primus Conrad Toyama responded with the Exclusion of the Free Worlds League, ordering the shutdown of all HPG stations in that realm and sending their personnel into hiding until the Captain-General agree to accept blame and pay for the reconstruction of the station. As the League and ComStar's covert divisions fought a shadow war, the four other Successor States took advantage of the interdiction and launched offensives against the hamstrung nation, the League being pushed to breaking point. Charles resisted for almost two years, but as his internal enemies wore down his support and large swathes of League worlds were captured, he eventually sent his son under the white flag of truce to Terra in late 2838.

References[edit | edit source]

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“The Great Interdiction” explores Charles Marik’s ill-fated war against ComStar; cementing the Order’s place of power. Charles Marik 3049-09-28