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This is an archive of all the ISN News Broadcasts. Use the Sort.png button to sort dates in ascending or descending order or to display articles in alphabetical order. Use this form to add new events the timeline.

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Minor Powers

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Notable Persons mentioned in ISN News HeadlinesNotable CharacterNews date
“Lost To History” chronicles New Delos’ continued collapse into anarchy, decades after the end of Anton Marik’s revolt.Anton Marik3 October 3049
“Amaris The Misunderstood” publishes to boycotts on a dozen worlds; one transformed into a riot, dozens arrested.Stefan Amaris1 October 3049
“The Great Interdiction” explores Charles Marik’s ill-fated war against ComStar; cementing the Order’s place of power.Charles Marik28 September 3049
“Of Merc Love”, ribald bestseller set in Archon Elizabeth Steiner’s reign, historically accurate on Lyran/Merc relationsElizabeth Steiner21 September 3049
Charges allege Duchess Candace Liao-appointed judges for St. Ives Book Expo castigate “uncomfortable” materials.Candace Liao20 September 3049
Colonel Cynthia Evans of the Chasseurs à Cheval receives the Fist of Raventhir from the Magestrix’s hand today.Cynthia Evans
Emma Centrella
15 September 3049
A DVS-2 Devastator destroyed, saboteurs suspected; Marshal Harrison Bradford vows full investigation.Harrison Bradford7 September 3049
Alisander Dunbar, son of Lady Mariette Dunbar of Ares, has disappeared; rumors suggest Maskirovka connections.Alisander Dunbar
Mariette Dunbar
3 September 3049
Kirc Cameron-Jones, House Cameron-Jones heir-apparent, in the news again demanding more oversight of Captain-General.Kirc Cameron-Jones1 September 3049
Rumors swirl that Phelan, son of merc extraordinaire Morgan Kell of the Kell Hounds, is missing in action in the Periphery.Phelan Kell
Morgan Kell
28 August 3049
Duke of Luthien, Unifier of Worlds, Coordinator of the Draconis Combine, Takashi Kurita blessed our realm 79 years ago.Takashi Kurita18 August 3049
Rumors confirmed that Archon-Prince-designate Victor Steiner-Davion has been assigned to the Twelfth Donegal Guards.Victor Steiner-Davion10 July 3049
New rumblings in AFFC High Command heard over desire to strip Duke Stephenson’s control of New Ivaarsen Chassuers.Duke Stephenson1 June 3049
Famously piloted by General Aleksandr Kerensky, the Orion is a mainstay of the FWLM, which just debuted the new ON1-M.Aleksandr Kerensky30 May 3049
Duchess Therese Marik displayed her superb falconry skills at the Musee National des Beaux-arts du Tamarind.Therese Marik29 May 3049
Black flags reign across the Free Worlds League to mourn the start of Anton Marik’s Revolt 35 years ago.Anton Marik21 May 3049
Robert Scogin becomes CEO of TechWizards, Ltd., a Periphery-based corporation specializing in salvaging and refurbishing.Robert Scogin5 May 3049
Celebration planning underway for the Ninth of May to honor the rise of Emma Centrella to the Magestrix nine years ago.Emma Centrella3 May 3049
One of the first to receive a ZEU-9S, Colonel Leonidas Brannock of the Fourth Skye Guards wasted no time in custom mods.Leonidas Brannock23 April 3049
Citizens For Safety petition Archon to mandate the replacement of the centuries’ old nuclear reactor below Tharkad City.Melissa Steiner-Davion12 April 3049
Rumors circle Archon-Prince-designate Victor Steiner-Davion will post to Twenty-fifth Arcturan Guards RCT upon graduation.Victor Steiner-Davion8 April 3049
House Liao honors The Red Lancers’ (re-named such by Chancellor Jasmine Liao in 2452) six centuries of staunch service.Jasmine Liao6 April 3049
Man accuses Precentor ROM Charles Seneca of being SAFE plant; intelligence community scoffs at the mere possibility.Charles Seneca3 April 3049
One of the most feared men in the Inner Sphere—Subhash Indrahar, Director of the ISF—recently turned 81.Subhash Indrahar30 March 3049
One Star Faith files legal claim of “defamation of character” against “Hero or Traitor?: The Kerensky Legacy” author.Aleksandr Kerensky24 March 3049
The month-long celebrations of Takashi Kurita’s ascendency to the Combine throne in 3004 have finally ended.Takashi Kurita22 March 3049
“Hero or Traitor?: The Kerensky Legacy” publishes to severe criticism it is filled with errors and supposition.Aleksandr Kerensky21 March 3049
Colonel Charles Francis “Crab” Carranza denies the Twelfth Star Guards are shopping for a new employer.Charles Francis Carranza17 March 3049
With the imminent graduation of Archon-Prince-designate Victor Steiner-Davion, rumors circle concerning his posting.Victor Steiner-Davion16 March 3049
First Ceti Hussars’ Hauptmann General Lamont lodges complaint with AFFC over use of The Fox’s Teeth to raid Combine.Vance Lamont13 March 3049
The infamous and beautiful Black Widow, Natasha Kerensky, in the news over public dressing down of Colonel Jaime Wolf.Natasha Kerensky
Jaime Wolf
6 March 3049
Reporter Julia Travs arrested by ComStar; attempting to gain access to records surrounding the Holy Order of Sandhurst.Julia Travs5 March 3049
Allegations Highpoint Traders commits piracy in the Periphery have resurfaced; vociferously denied by CEO Chang.Corey Chang4 March 3049
House Liao holds FedCom man captive; allegedly an MI agent working with Tormana Liao to overthrow government.Tormana Liao3 March 3049
Katherine McCorkendale, CEO of the interstellar Federated Boeing, announced she’ll visit the royal court on New Avalon.Katherine McCorkendale2 March 3049
“Lost Titans” publishes to controversy over speculations on the 402 WarShips that vanished with Aleksandr Kerensky.Aleksandr Kerensky28 February 3049
Marshal Andrew Cunningham of the First Kestral Grenadiers receives knighthood from Duke Xerxes Cunningham.Andrew Cunningham
Xerxes Cunningham
27 February 3049
Combine authorities seize Indy press publication claiming Coordinator Yoguchi Kurita not assassinated by Snow Fire.Yoguchi Kurita
"Snow Fire"
10 February 3049
Arnaud Rai rails against Commonwealth Press for not publishing his manifesto; Press calls his papers “conspiracy trash”Arnaud Rai9 February 3049
Count Elric Von Steffelbus V of Interconnectedness Unlimited officially confirmed courting Verena Bannson.Elric Von Steffelbus V
Verena Bannson
5 February 3049
Duchess Candace's monthly address calling for the removal of her sister, Chancellor Romano Liao, particularly impassioned.Candace Liao
Romano Liao
4 February 3049
While FWL refuses to treat with Caesar O-Reilly, House Steiner sends envoy to further trade talks with Marion Hegemony.Sean O-Reilly31 January 3049
Överste Knute Kurita is once more in the news; Rasalhague authorities arrest him on drunk and disorderly charges.Knute Kurita27 January 3049
Field Marshal, Duke James Sandoval, begins months-long inspection tour of the regiments of the Draconis March.James Sandoval23 January 3049
At New Syrtis Max, victims of pirate Paula “Lady Death” Trevaline’s past actions petition for her execution.Paula Trevaline21 January 3049
New holodoc purports evidence of secret meeting between current ComStar Primus Waterly and House Kurita in 3034.Myndo Waterly18 January 3049
With Dalma Humphreys in power, protesters at the Martyr’s Wall on Andurien demand demolition of “Dark Tower”.Dalma Humphreys17 January 3049
Duke James Sandoval officially made Field Marshal, commander of the 50 ’Mech regiments of the Draconis March.James Sandoval11 January 3049
Nobles question when illegitimate Isis Marik will be set-aside as heir-apparent with Joshua 2 months old and healthy.Isis Marik
Joshua Marik
10 January 3049
Over a decade since Melissa Steiner-Davion’s Sarna March exploitation intervention, residents of worlds still resentful.Melissa Steiner-Davion9 January 3049
Controversy erupts over the publication of “Ryan Vs. Hanse: The Skye Crises of 3034”, which paints First Prince Hanse Davion poorly.Ryan Steiner
Hanse Davion
8 January 3049
Thousands of mourners gather to remember Archon Katrina Steiner on the 9th anniversary of her passing.Katrina Steiner6 January 3049
The capable Salwa Hanachi made CEO Austen-Armstrong Industries in hopes of further capitalizing on the merger of ’44.Salwa Hanachi4 January 3049
Despite continued League reticence Dalma Humphreys shows flair and aplomb with resumed authority over Andurien.Dalma Humphreys2 January 3049
Media magnet George Michael Hasek assigned as lance commander within the 1st Federated Suns Armored Cavalry.Michael Hasek30 December 3048
Reporter Kori Chiang, who recently published an article in Underground Sian, “Is the Sixth MAC real?”, has gone missing.Kori Chiang28 December 3048
The Director of Support Services for the Avalon Hussars is still struggling with the post a year after replacing Simon Gallagher.Simon Gallagher27 December 3048
1st Regulan Hussars hosted previous commander, now representative, Baron Gerald Cameron-Jones at festivities.Gerald Cameron-Jones26 December 3048
Officials on Quentin vehemently deny reports of “Noonan Vedette” still operating against authorities in the Fire Rift.Noonan Vedette23 December 3048
Magistracy of Canopus remembers the fourth anniversary of the death of Magestrix Kyalla Centrella.Kyalla Centrella20 December 3048
With only four of his ten years served in office, opponents are still sowing seeds against Elected Prince Haakon Magnusson.Haakon Magnusson19 December 3048
Helen Thrall, commander of 3rd Sirian Lancers, ignored accusations she requested a “blooding” mission against FedCom.Helen Trall17 December 3048
Precentor of Dieron, Sharilar Mori, assured citizens that the Hyperpulse Generator station would be back online within 24 hours.Sharilar Mori16 December 3048
Marshal Bradford of the 3rd Royal Guards has reported after tests that the new DVS-2 Devastator is performing above expectations in the field.Harrison Bradford12 December 3048
Katrina Troth, XO of Com Guards’ First Army, is fending off allegations she participated in a smuggling ring.Katrina Troth9 December 3048
Following the accident which killed General Simon Walther, Michael Kallenberg assumes temporary command of Eagle Corps.Simon Walther
Michael Kallenberg
8 December 3048
Rasalhaguians love tweaking House Kurita’s proverbial nose by showcasing Överste Knute Kurita’s more outlandish exploits.Knute Kurita4 December 3048
Magestrix meets with Duchess Trussel from Thraxa to re-negotiate textiles taxes; wool prices continue to plummet.Emma Centrella
Duchess Trussel
2 December 3048
Rumors spike over another alleged Felix Calderon sighting; today marks second anniversary of his ship’s disappearance.Felix Calderon30 November 3048
Camacho’s Caballeros called accusations “baseless” it kidnapped a Cassandra Suthorn following a raid on Larsha last year.Cassandra Suthorn20 November 3048
The University of Koniz announced that retired AFFC Hauptmann Klaus Davis would join its History Department.Klaus Davis16 November 3048
MercNet feeds announced General Tom Stancel has replaced Douglas Sheridan as senior officer of the 12th Vegan Rangers.Douglas Sheridan11 November 3048
FedCom/Free Rasalhague Republic trade negotiations continue; Duke Kelswa’s actions in Ronin Wars still haunt proceedings.Duke Kelswa2 November 3048
Elite circles are a flutter that Count Elric Von Steffelbus V of Interconnectedness Unlimited is courting Verena Bannson.Elric Von Steffelbus V
Verena Bannson
1 November 3048
Magestrix Emma Centrella announced a banner year for the recovering Canopian economy; promises more initiatives to come.Emma Centrella30 October 3048
Urien Domei received the prestigious Order of the Saber for the raid on Dixie; formally revealed as Photon Brett-Marik.Urien Domei27 October 3048
Bells peal across the breadth of the Free Worlds League as a day long awaited has arrived: an heir is born…Joshua Marik!Joshua Marik22 October 3048
Signs of Periphery troubles as Sean O-Reilly assumes control of the Hegemony and changes title from Imperator to Caesar.Sean O-Reilly21 October 3048
The coronation ceremony for Duke James Sandoval will follow the official 30 days of mourning for the “Old Duke”.James Sandoval20 October 3048
Kanrei Theodore Kurita broke ground on new facilities for the resurrected Kensai Kami program on the planet Bicester.Theodore Kurita19 October 3048
Duchess Candace Liao delivered her usual monthly address calling for the removal of her sister, Chancellor Romano Liao.Candace Liao
Romano Liao
18 October 3048
Taurian Civilian authorities voice displeasure as Thomas Calderon continues reconnaissance probes across FedCom border.Thomas Calderon14 October 3048
Today League flags stand at half-mast to honor Colonel Baker, late of the Atrean Hussars. Colonel Bennundo will succeed.Colonel Baker
Colonel Bennundo
13 October 3048
In other news, New Earth Trading Company, on New Earth, announced a newly elected president: Donald Witherspoon.Donald Witherspoon10 October 3048
All the Confederation celebrates service to the State this day in honor of the ennoblement of Mandrinn Alana Morgaine.Mandrinn Alana Morgaine9 October 3048
Marshal Harrison Bradford issued a personal thanks to Norse-Storm BattleMechs, Inc. for the receipt of a DVS-2 Devastator.Harrison Bradford5 October 3048



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