Acronym Glossary

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AC: Autocannon

AMS: Anti-Missile System. A defensive system which shoots down incoming missiles as they approach the mech on which the system is installed. Provides some extra defense against SRM and LRM attacks.

AOE: Area of Effect

C3: The acronym itself stands for Command, Control, and Communications. However, in BattleTech terms it is the name of a computer system which aids this function by allowing mechs equipped with C3 computers to communicate additional information with one another.

CASE: Cellular Ammunition Storage Equipment. A storage compartment for ammunition that protects the mech in the advent of a direct hit on the ammunition. Without CASE an ammunition hit can be devastating to the mech.

DFA: Death From Above. An form of attack whereby one mech uses its jump jets to jump up and then land on top of another mech. Can be a devastating form of attack if the mech performing the attack is of a heavier weight class than the mech on the receiving end.

ECM: Electronic Countermeasures.

HOTAS: Hands on Throttle and Stick. Advanced game controllers that include a joystick for the right hand and a throttle for the left hand, and often additional bells and whistles.

HUD: Heads-up Display

IDF: Indirect Fire

LOSD: Line of Sight/Detection

LP: Loyalty Points. See the section titled “Loyalty and Rank” for a complete explanation.

LRM: Long Range Missiles

MWO: MechWarrior: Online

MXP: Mech Experience Points. See the section titled “Experience” for a complete explanation.

PGI: Piranha Games, Inc.

PPC: Particle Projection Cannon

SRM: Short Range Missiles

TAG: Target Acquisition Gear. Equipped in place of a weapon, this is a targeting laser that enables a MechWarrior to paint targets for attack by the Artemis IV artillery system.

UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

XP: Experience Points

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