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Autocannon 2

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Equipment Overview
Autocannon 2 
Tech Base: Inner Sphere 
Equipment Type: Ballistic Weapon 
Tonnage: 6 tons
Ammo per Ton: 75 
Critical Slots: 1  
Item Health: 10  
Cost: Cbill.png 150,000  
Sell: Cbill.png 75,000  
Equipment Specifications
Recycle: 0.72
DPS: 2.78
Heat: 1
HPS: 1.39
Range: 720m 
Maximum Range: 1440m
Projectile Velocity: 2000
Impulse: 0.0375
Cockpit Shake: 0.075
Heat Scaling: 3



Overview[edit | edit source]

The AC 2 is a fast-firing Autocannon that does low damage per shot but can reach out to very long ranges.

The AC 2 roughly halves the damage of the AC 5 for the ability to shoot faster and farther. At six tons, the weight of the AC 2 is quite light for an Autocannon. Each ton of ammo yields 75 rounds. But due to the AC 2s very fast recycle rate, even 75 rounds rarely last even a short skirmish when fired continuously.

Notable users of the AC/2 include the Blackjack BJ-1 and the Dragon DRG-1C.

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