Centurion CN9-AH

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BattleMech Overview
Tonnage: 50 - Medium 
Max Armor: 338 Points
Jump Jets: No
Year Introduced: 2874 
Engine Restrictions
Ratings (min/max): 100 - 260 
Speed Restrictions
Speed (min/max): 32.4 - 84.2 km/h 
Chassis Attributes
  Pitch Twist
Torso Angle:    
Angle Bonus:    / 
Arms Angle:    
Mouse over underlined numbers for more info[1]

10026032.484.2 /  / 

Stock Loadout
Speed: 64.8 km/h
Armor Points: 272  out of 338
Engine: Standard 
Internal Structure: Standard 
Heat Sinks: 10 single 
Autocannon 20 1RA
LRM 10 1LT
Advanced Equipment
Equipment Slots
Module Slots: 5
ECM Equipable: -
AMS Location: RT
Weapon Hardpoints
Right Arm: 3
Left Torso: 2
  = Energy Hardpoint
   = Ballistic Hardpoint
   = Missile Hardpoint

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The CN9-AH replaces the Autocannon 10 with a heavier class 20 AC. The increased weight of the AC/20 necessitated the removal of the two medium lasers, but the increased damage output makes up for the lost damage.

The CN9-AH was removed from the game at the launch of open beta. This was to allow the Centurion CN9-YLW' to stand out better from other Centurion models as these two models were the only Centurions able to mount an Autocannon 20 in the right arm.


The CN9-AH was removed in favor of the Centurion CN9-YLW which also mounts an AC 20 but also has backup weapons.

Change Log[edit]

October 30, 2012 Centurion CN9-AH removed from the game. REENTERING!!! October 21, 2014, Centurion CN9-AH reentered to the game.

BattleMech Hardpoint List[edit]

Chassis Attributes Table[edit]


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