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Currently, only the following 'Mechs have been announced. These pages contain official MechWarrior:Online information and standard BattleTech Technical Readout information on these 'Mechs up until 3049 while we wait to learn more official game info about them.

Confirmed BattleMechs


Flea concept.jpg
BattleMech Overview
Tonnage: 20 Light
Speed: 97.2 km/h
Armor Points: Unknown out of Unknown
Heat Sinks: Unknown single
Flamer 1
Small Laser 4
Hardpoints List
Total JJ Modules ECM

The Flea was originally a Free Worlds League design first produced in 2475. Production during the Succession Wars was fairly rare until the appearance of Wolf's Dragoons.

All stock models have high firepower for their weight class. Speed and armor is mediocre.

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