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Overview[edit | edit source]

Historically the Artemis IV Fire Control System was introduced in 2598.

Artemis IV FCS is an advanced targeting system that can be attached to Long Range Missile and Short Range Missile launchers. It cannot be attached to either NARC Beacon or Streak Short Range Missile launchers. [1]

Improves the lock-on-time and tracking strength of LRMs by 50%.
Improves the grouping size of SRM volleys by 34%.
Does not add guidance to SRMs.
Does not at all affect Streak SRMs.
Using TAG and Artemis together decreases weapon lock and missile tracking strength on time by 75%
Does not work on indirectly fired missiles. Line of sight from the firing unit to target must be present.
Artemis replaces all bonuses from NARC even if Artemis does not have LOS[2]
Artemis allows you to fire LRMs at a location, even without a lock on a 'mech target. The missiles will track to that location.

Makes use of its own Artemis ammunition.
Can be applied to all standard LRM and SRM launchers, except Streaks.
Capable weapons will take up one extra Critical Slot and seems to weigh 1 ton more than usual.

Upgrade[edit | edit source]

  • Mechlab Upgrade panel has an Artemis category with two options: Remove / Buy.
The Artemis category will only show up if the ‘Mech has missile Hardpoints.
Ability to select the upgrade will depend on availability of sufficient Critical Slots and tonnage.
  • Changing options will automatically upgrade/downgrade any existing eligible Missile Weapon and swap any eligible missile ammo to the proper type.
  • Price of the upgrade includes cost of the upgrade itself plus cost for the ammo (if there's not enough in the inventory). Base price is 750,000 CB to install, 500,000 CB to remove the system.
  • Mechlab 'Loadout' equip list will only show up Artemis eligible versions of weapons and ammo if the upgrade is installed

November 6, 2012: Artemis IV FCS added to MWO.

References[edit | edit source]

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